Porta Trak

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Assembled in the USA
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The Porta Trak is a Tumbl Trak™ that is easy to fold up and move. It offers the same high quality and versatility as the Original Tumbl Trak™, but is specifically designed for easy mobility.

35 Years of Innovation by Doug Davis

Doug Davis is our company's founder and original innovator. On our 35th anniversary, we celebrate Doug and how he has revolutionized the sport helping countless athletes train smarter and safer!

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MSRP: $5,592.99 - $10,392.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $5,033.69
Was  Starting at  $5,592.99
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The Porta Trak is useful for gyms that put away equipment each night, small gym clubs with space constraints, city recreations, YMCA's, exhibition teams and mobile programs. It's frame is made of aluminum and weighs about half as much as the Original Tumbl Trak™, so it can easily be folded and wheeled away.

  • Unit features folding hinges and casters for easier transport and storage. The 15-foot and 20-foot units fold in half. The 30-foot unit folds in from both edges down to a total length of 15-feet.
  • Recommended for use with Tumbl Trak's™ 6-ft x 12-ft Dismount Mat or Air Platform Mat with 5-ft x 10-ft x 8-in Practice Mat as a landing surface.
  • 16in high x 70in wide
  • Bed is 53in wide
  • Springs are 4in long
  • Frame is made with durable aluminum.
  • All models ship via Motor Freight.
  • Made in the USA

Download the Porta Trak Assembly Instructions here.

Can the Porta Trak be used for adults?

Yes, the Porta Trak can be used for both adults and children.  Remember, we do recommend a progressive training approach for all of our tumbling tracks.  All training should be done under the supervision of a trained coach.

What mat do you recommend for the end of the Porta Trak?

The Porta Trak is 16in. high and works perfectly with our 6ft x 12ft x 12in Dismount Mat.

Can the Porta Trak be used outdoors?

We generally do not recommend the Porta Trak be used outdoors.  For an outdoor setting, I would recommend the Air Floor PRO as your best option and at that, it shouldn't be stored outdoors, but pulled in and out of storage when using it.

Does the Frame Bar fit on the Porta Trak?

Yes, the Frame Bar will fit on the Porta Trak. Keep in mind, the Porta Trak has a slightly softer bounce than the Original Tumbl Trak which changes the response timing of some drills, but this set up still makes for a nice bar training station. Because the Porta Trak is narrower than the Original Tumbl Trak, the Frame Bar will have some excess length on one end when set up. For safety, we recommend adding a bar pad to the end, or you can cut the fiberglass bar to the length that works in your set up.

Can the Quick Flex Bar be used on the Porta Trak?

We do not recommend using the Quick Flex Bar on the Porta Trak.  The ratchet system of the Quick Flex Bar puts a lot of stress on the framework of the tumbling track.  The steel Tumbl Trak is strong enough to withstand this pull, however, the aluminum frame of the Porta Trak is not.


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