Air Trak

Starting at  $1,995.99
Warranty: 24 Months

The Air Trak is an air-filled Tumbl Trak offering portability and easy storage for cheer and gymnastics clubs. At 9 ft wide, it's the widest tumbling track out there which is great for beginner tumblers who haven't yet learned how to tumble straight.

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Starting at  $1,995.99
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The Air Trak is ideal for adding an extra tumbling station in your facility, since it does not require permanent space. Add-on pieces include Catcher (for soft landings or an above-ground pit) and Mini Mountain (a backstop for tumbling or for fun climbing and tunneling, especially for birthday parties). The Air Trak runs from a 2.0 HP high output, constant flow blower (included in price) and takes less than 30 seconds to inflate and 5 minutes to deflate.

  • Available in two colors: Red/Blue and All Black
  • Available in three sizes: 20-feet, 25-feet, and 30-feet
  • Need a connector piece to attach two or more products together?  Order the 7-ft Velcro connector here.
    • 9ft wide x 22in high (edges are 24in high)
    • Top Material: 18 oz. vinyl
    • Bottom Material: Heavy duty 22 oz. vinyl
    • This 2 HP blower produces 1630 CFM with 10.7in of static pressure
    • Cycle: 60 Hz
    • Voltage: 115 Volt
    • Amps with back pressure: 12.0
    • Weight: 45 lbs
    • Unit Size: 20.5in x 16in x 18in
    • Wheel Speed (RPM): 3400
    • Attached Cord: 25ft
    • Please note: There is a 12 mo warranty on the blower.
    Both products are made in China and designed in the USA.

Download the Air Trak and Blower Owner's Instructions here.  Watch the Air Trak owner video here. Watch this video on How to Use the Y-Splitter to Connect Two Constant Flow Products.

Can the Air Trak be used outdoors?

The Air Trak can be used outdoors, although doing so may increase the likelihood of damage and we do recommend bringing it indoors when not in use. Using this product outdoors may also void the warranty and your ability to return or exchange it.  If you choose to use this product outdoors, to further protect, place a clean tarp underneath to protect it from rocks, sticks, etc.

How long does it take to inflate or deflate?

With the electric pump that is included, you can inflate your Air Trak in less than one minute. Deflation may take a little longer, but can be improved by laying or pushing on the product to help expedite the air out.

What is the weight limit for the Air Trak?

We recommend no one weighing more than 250 lbs. use the Air Trak.

How long can the blower run for?

We do not recommend using the blower for more than 8 hrs. per day.  If using the blower for an extended period of time, be sure to have somone monitor the blower every couple of hours.

Can the blower inflate more than an Air Trak?

A single blower will easily support up to 30' of Air Trak/Constant Flow products. Beyond that length the bounce of them will be softer unless you add another blower to help support the multiple pieces.

Can two or more pieces connect together?

Yes, we recommend purchasing the 7-ft Velcro connector piece to create a smooth seam between the two products.


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