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Tumbl Trak's Practice Mats provide an extra level of safety and comfort, helping to build athletes' confidence in training and learning new skills. These mats are often referred to as "crash mats", "crash pads", or "skill cushions."

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MSRP: $479.99 - $949.99
Holiday Deal  Starting at  $431.99
Was  Starting at  $479.99
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Built Tough for Gyms and Clubs

Tumbl Trak Practice Mats come in a variety of sizes to allow for multiple training configurations for gymnastics, cheerleading, wrestling, martial arts, MMA, and more.
Created with our exclusive Smart Mat Technology, these skill cushions are both easier and safer to use, making them stand out against the competition. They can also be easily folded in half to create a block shape to use in drills and progressions.
  • Reinforced handles allow for easy transport.
  • Non-skid material sewn to the bottom provides extra security and safety.
  • 6 inch and 8 inch thick practice mats feature Velcro fasteners to keep the mats secure when closed or used as a block, and allow the mats to easily connect to other pieces.
  • The 5-foot x 10-foot practice mat can be folded in half as a base mat for Xcel Silver/Level 3 vaulting.
  • Available in three color options: red/royal blue, purple/lime green, and black.
Perfect Skill Cushion for Home Practice

Now you can use the same durable, high-quality mats favored by coaches and competitive athletes for your own home practice!  Learning and practicing skills at home sometimes requires a soft skill cushion for promoting safe landings and boosting confidence.  When used as a crash pad, these practice mats can make all the difference in mastering skills and goals.  These mats can be also folded into a block allowing athletes to use the extra height to enhance skill training.
  • Convenient handles allow for easy carrying and storage in your house.
  • Non-skid bottoms help keep our mats in place on your floor.
  • Velcro placement on our 6 inch and 8 inch thick practice mats makes them compatible with other mats.
  • Available in four sizes and two color options.

Still not sure which mat is best for your needs? Watch this helpful Buying Guide Video for Practice Mats.

  • 4 foot x 6 foot x 6 inch practice mat contains 1.2 lbs / 32 ILD firmness foam. Weighs 50 lbs.
  • 4 foot x 8 foot x 4 inch practice mat contains 1.5 lbs foam as top layer (2 inch) and 1.8 lbs foam as bottom layer (2 inch). Weights 37 lbs.
  • 4 foot x 8 foot x 8 inch practice mat contains 1.2 lbs / 32 ILD firmness foam. Weighs 55 lbs.
  • 5 foot x 10 foot x 8 inch practice mat contains 1.5 lbs / 50 ILD firmness foam as top layer (4 inch) and 1.2 lbs / 35 ILD firmness foam as bottom layer (4 inch). Weights 72 lbs.
  • All mats feature 18 oz. knife-coated vinyl, high-quality Dacron thread, and 2 inch nylon web straps.
  • 6-inch and 8-inch thick practice mats feature 2 inch hook and loop Velcro.
  • All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in the USA.

What is the difference between practice mats, skill cushions, and crash mats and pads?

Gymnasts, cheerleaders, and other athletes often refer to practice mats as "skill cushions", "crash mats", or "crash pads".

What is the difference between the Practice Mats and the Soft Mat?

Tumbl Trak offers Practice Mats and Soft Mats in two identical sizes: 4 foot x 8 foot x 4 inch and 5 foot x 10 foot x 8 inch. The main difference is the foam content. The Practice Mat features a dual density foam which is firmer on top and softer on the bottom. The Soft Mat features a softer, single density foam and is a great topper mat. A Soft Mat should not be used by itself on a hard surface like wooden floors.

How thick of a mat should I purchase?

The thickness of the practice mat depends on the type of skill you are practicing. If you are practicing tumbling skills a thinner mat is fine. If you are practicing landing skills we recommend a thicker mat. Be sure to consider any equipment you may be padding. For example, we recommend the 6in or 8in Practice Mat for use with our Jr. Bar PRO because it safely pads the bar's 1.5 inch center metal support.


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