Transition Tumbl Trak™

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Assembled in the USA
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The new Transition Tumbl Trak™ is the perfect pairing of the traditional tramp bed material of the Tumbl Trak™ with a soft, carpet-like surface. It has the feel of a spring floor, making transition to the floor easier for gymnasts and cheerleaders.

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MSRP: $2,049.99 - $11,499.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $1,844.99
Was  Starting at  $2,049.99
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The Transition Tumbl Trak™ has many of the same dependable features as the Original Tumbl Trak™ or other tumbling tracks on the market. Provides additional durability and greater traction than the Original Tumbl Trak™ and Xtreme Tumbl Trak™, making it a favorite for cheer programs.
  • Features a 60-inch wide tumbling surface, sturdy D-rings covered by the extended trampoline flap, heavy stitched rows of closed-loop, soft Velcro, and options for open or closed ends.
  • Use any product with hook Velcro on the transition bed surface to create safe stations using additional mats, blocks, barrels or other manipulatives like Velcro Hands and Feet, Tumbl Tape and Velcro Numbers, and more.
  • Use Velcro lines and markers as visuals to make class management and skill development easy and efficient.
  • Patent# 10994166
  • Frame is 83in wide x 21in high
  • Bed is 60in wide black polypropylene bed
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • High Grade Powder Coated Finish
  • 6in tight coil Springs
  • 10in wide pads with 18 oz knife coated vinyl and 1-3/8in thick EVA foam.
All models ship via Motor Freight. Made in the USA
What can you stick to the Transition Tumbl Trak Bed?

There are a lot of accessory pieces which will velcro to the bed which make class management so much easier. The most popular selections are the Tumbl Tape, Sticky Manipulatives, Velcro Hands and Feet, Half Rounds and Fun Sticks.

I notice some space in-between the Velcro strips, is that normal?

Yes, as the bed gets used and stretched out after some use, you may see some of the black bed in-between the Velcro strips. This is normal and is just settling into place.

How do I clean the Transition Tumbl Trak Bed?

We recommend a light vacuum for the Transition Tumbl Trak Bed.

In what other ways is the Transition Bed different than the Original Bed?

Besides the feel of the Velcro top, some testers noticed that the Transition Tumbl Trak Bed has a different sound, slightly louder than the Tumbl Trak Bed.

Can you wear shoes on the Transition Tumbl Trak?

The Transition Tumbl Trak was designed to be used with shoes, along with the Xtreme Tumbl Trak. However, shoes are not recommended for use on the Tumbl Trak™.

Are the pads over the springs included with the purchase?

Yes the pads are included with your purchase. There are a variety of optional accessories like skirts, bars, and vault attachments which can be purchased separately.

What is the recommended ceiling height for a Transition Tumbl Trak?

A minimum of 12 feet is the recommended ceiling height for a Transition Tumbl Trak.

How does the Transition Tumbl Trak feel compared to the Tumbl Trak™ or Xtreme Tumbl Trak?

The Transition Tumbl Trak bed has been reported by many to feel a bit tighter than the Tumbl Trak™, which for many is a good thing! Testers loved the feel of the this new bed and described it as being an easier “transition” of skills from Trak to spring floor, hence the name, “Transition Tumbl Trak!” Most would say the action in the Transition and Xtreme Tumbl Trak beds is similar.


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