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Tumbl Trak™ Tumbl Tape helps teach athletes the value of stretching out tumbling early on. Ideal for knowing exact hand placements when tumbling into the pit or uphill onto a resi mat, thus eliminating the need for remeasuring steps over and over!

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MSRP: $69.99 - $99.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $62.99
Was  Starting at  $69.99
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The Tumbl Tape, also commonly referred to in preschool as the "Listening Line," is made of 4-in wide hook Velcro on the back to secure it to any closed loop carpet surface. The front, or top, is made of 4-inch loop Velcro which makes it soft on the feet, yet also useful to stick Velcro place markers on (numbers sold separately).

  • 20-ft or 34-ft long x 4-in wide Velcro strip featuring 10 different color sections, each measuring 2-ft in length.
  • Color coordinated Velcro Numbers (sold separately) are great for marking hand/foot placements in skills.
  • Ideal for organizing preschool and rec classes, as each student can easily find his/her own color on the line!
  • Challenge students to use the line for jumping, hopping and hurdling.
  • Can also assist with class management and color recognition for preschoolers.
  • Check out the Criss Cross Cheer Tumbl Tape Kit!
  • 4in wide x 20ft long
  • 4in loop (soft) Velcro on top on which products like Velcro Numbers can be placed
  • 4in hook Velcro on the bottom to connect to closed loop surfaces
  • Every 2 feet is a different color

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