Criss Cross Cheer Tumbl Tape

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The Criss Cross Cheer Tumbl Tape is a kit of (4) 34-ft long Tumbl Tapes. They stretch the diagonals of a cheer floor to keep athletes organized and tumbling straight! Or, separate the four colorful lines for lots of classroom management & play.

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The Criss Cross Cheer Tumbl Tape was innovated with cross tumbling in mind; as the four Velcro strips stretch diagonally across a competition floor. Creative coaches will see that the bright, segmented colors on this Velcro friendly strip will lend itself to organizing and inspiring preschool, rec, dance, ninja classes and more!

Just like the Original Tumbl Tape, it is made of 4-in wide hook Velcro on the back to secure it to any closed loop carpet surface. The front, or top, is made of 4-inch loop Velcro which makes it soft on the hands and feet, yet useful to place Sticky Manipulatives on (sold separately).

Each of the four Cheer Tumbl Tapes included are 34-ft long.  Together, they stretch across a tumbling diagonal with just enough space to stretch out skills and improve straight tumbling technique.  Use the tapes separately in rows to coordinate stunts or keep groups of kids organized.  There are endless uses for these colorful Velcro strips.

  • Kit includes four 34-ft long x 4-in wide Velcro strip featuring 10 repeating colors, each color measuring 2-ft in length.
  • Color coordinated Sticky Manipulatives (sold separately) are great for marking hand/foot placements in skills
  • Ideal for cheerleading, tumbling, ninja or preschool  programs.
  • Use on closed-loop carpet surface, such as carpet bonded foam or the Transition Tumbl Trak.
  • Use a single strip down a mat, or connect end-to-end to optimally fit corner-to-corner on a 52-ft x 42-ft floor area. 
  • Can also assist with class management and color recognition for preschoolers
  • Four strips of 34-ft long x 4-in wide with hook Velcro to secure it to carpet bonded foam or closed loop carpet.
  • Loop Velcro on top in colorful 2-ft sections
  • Accepts Sticky Manipulative markers

To store the Criss Cross Cheer Tumbling Tape fold one strip of the tape in half with like Velcro facing then continue folding with like Velcro touching.

Is there an easy way to store the Criss Cross Cheer Tumbl Tape?

Yes!  This long Velcro strip can be cumbersome to manage if not done in a certain way.  Start by folding the Tumbl Tape in half with hook sides facing each other.  Then, beginning with the end pieces, fold the Tumbl Tape on itself in 2-foot increments until you reach the other end. Secure the bundle and you’re good to go!

Is there a way to clean the Criss Cross cheer Tumbling Tape?

If the Tumbl Tape needs more than a spot cleaning, it is possible to use a warm soapy solution and a soft bristled brush to clean a soiled area.  Rinse the area with clean water and hang to dry completely.

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