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The Hurdle Helper is an innovative system of soft blocks and sticks that can be Velcroed together in various configurations to teach a variety of gymnastics and cheerleading skill progressions.

Developed by Tumbl Trak Innovator Patrick Clark

Patrick Clark created the first shapes of the Hurdle Helper from foam and duct tape, looking for lightweight, soft shapes he could easily modify to teach tumbling skills.

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MSRP: $399.99
Hot Deal  $359.99 $399.99
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From preschool to pre-team, the Hurdle Helper is a “go-to” for every coach for creating FUN and creative tumbling, vault and beam stations.  There are 8 different pieces to this system that an athlete can adjust to adapt to drills that improve tumbling height, distance and technique. The vinyl covered components are filled with soft, forgiving foam intentionally in case an athletes foot or body lands on it. Available in two colors: red and purple.


  • 3’ x 4’ and 1-3/8” thick
  • Closed loop carpet on the top and blue
  • Non-skid on the bottom
  • 4” wide line down the middle that is part red and part white. These colors can help to teach
    students about reaching longer or lunging farther.


  • 15” x 10” and is 4“ thick
  • Velcro on the bottom
  • Great for reaching or jumping over


  • Two sizes (see below)
  • Velcro on the bottom and flaps
  • Arrange them in different set ups to teach cartwheels, round offs, and hurdling techniques
    Use the 2 longer, red sticks with Velcro flaps, to create an upright obstacle

Need more ideas on how the Hurdle Helper can be used?  Check out this useful Hurdle Helper User Guide.

  • Base mat is approximately 3ft x 4ft and 5/8in thick
  • (6) soft red sticks can be attached in many different configurations and constructed out of vinyl and soft foam
  • (2)longer, red sticks include Velcro flaps
  • (1) soft red block is 15in x 10in x 4in

Made in China. Designed in the USA. All materials are CPSIA compliant.

Download the Hurdle Helper User Guide here.

What skills can the Hurdle Helper help my athlete with?

The Hurdle Helper can help with Forward Rolls, Cartwheels, Round Offs, Handsprings, Tucks, Sister Kicks, Vaulting, etc.

What are the weights and dimensions of the Hurdle Helper?

The Hurdle Helper Mat is 48"x36"x5/8" and weighs 18 pounds.


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