Recreational Tumbl Trak™

Starting at  $1,729.99
Assembled in the USA
Warranty: 24 Months

The Recreational Tumbl Trak™ is an Original Tumbl Trak™, but with SOFT springs designed specifically for gymnasts or cheerleaders that weigh 110 lbs or less.

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Starting at  $1,729.99
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The Recreational Tumbl Trak™ is a wonderful training station geared to recreational and preschool classes. Because of its slightly slower and more gentle rebound, it is ideal for young ones who are just learning, or for certain drills such as seat drops or back drops where a softer spring is desired.

  • Features a 6-inch mini-tramp spring, a narrower bed, and colorful padding.
  • Loop Velcro strips located along the sides of the Trak allow attachment of other items, such as Tumbl Tape, to the edge of the tumbling surface so athletes can measure tumbling passes and work towards stretching out tumbling.
  • FRAME: 83in wide x 21in high
  • BED: 56in wide with D-rings on 2.5in center
  • PADS: 10in wide x 5ft long. There are four pads in a 10ft section of Tumbl Trak
  • SPRINGS: 6in mini tramp spring

Made in the USA

Download the Tumbl Trak Assembly Instructions here. 

What makes the Recreation Tumbl Trak different from the original?

It is a bouncier, more colorful version of the original Tumbl Trak™. Great for practicing skills like seat drops and back drops. A wonderful station for recreational classes and preschool classes.

Is there a weight limit on the Recreational Tumbl Trak?

Yes it is designed specifically for gymnasts that weigh 110 lbs. or less.

Does the Recreation Tumbl Trak fold?

No, the hinges on the Recreation Tumbl Trak will pivot slightly allowing for the rails to be inclined on an angle.  However, the only version of Tumbl Trak that folds is the Porta Trak.



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