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The Air Pit is an air-filled product where both sides, top and bottom, can be used for a variety of skills and drills. It can be used vinyl-side up where a flat surface is desired or pit-side up where the three holes are useful.

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The Air Pit is like a really cool, reversible can use it 'vinyl-side up' or 'pit-side up', depending on the needs of your gym, clinic or students. Use the Air Pit 'vinyl-side-up' when a flat surface is required, or 'pit-side-up' (holes exposed) to play in, support upright standing or as obstacles to jump over.
Vinyl-Side-Up Uses: Mat Stack, Vault Table Station, Downhill Incline (Cheese Wedge), Wall Station, Beam Dismount stations.  Please note that the vinyl on this side is not 'inflated'.  If you want to use this as a landing surface, we recommend adding a mat to the top surface.
Pit-Side-Up (holes exposed) Uses: posturing for special needs kids, core strengthening drills, obstacle course, ball pits, fun and games.
  • Features a 4-inch wide line down the top with numbers for conveniently measuring distance.
  • Convenient handles make for easy carrying
  • Clever Velcro placement allows for attachment of other teaching tools like Velcro Numbers, Velcro Hands and Feet and Half Rounds.
  • Rolls up into a small size for easy storage and mobility.
  • Often used with an additional foam landing mat or crash mat Velcroed securely to the top
  • Price includes an electric pump.
  • 5ft wide x 10ft long x 2ft high
  • Bottom: 28oz knife coated, supported vinyl, 4in non skid material around perimeter
  • Top: 31oz knife coated, supported vinyl, 2in loop Velcro around perimeter
  • All materials meet CPSIA standards.
Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Download the Air Product Owner's Manual here.

How do I use the Air Pit for Vaulting Drills?

We recommended that you use a mat on top of the Air Pit for vaulting drills!

How long does it take to inflate or deflate?

With the electric pump that is included, you can inflate your Air Pit in about 1-2 minutes. Deflation may take a little longer, but can be improved by laying or pushing on the product to help expedite the air out.

I'm tired of moving 8-inch mats or heavy “whale mats” around the gym.  Will the Air Pit be lighter and easier to move?

The Air Pit is lightweight and easy to move when you need height in your set up.  At 24-inches high, the Air Pit is equivalent to three 8-inch mats allowing you to use your 8 inchers for other useful drills!  We do recommend adding at least one 8-in mat on top for a nice, soft padded surface on which to land.

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