The Big Cheese Mat

Warranty: 24 Months

Make room for 10 feet of incline tumbling or this Silver Xcel Vault System! This big Tumbl Trak™ Folding Incline, otherwise known as "the big cheese" will help athletes progress in their skills more confidently. Coaches will love extra width too!

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This Folding Incline is 5 ft wide x 10 ft long x 2 ft high when opened out as an incline and is 5 ft x 5 ft x 2 ft when folded into a block. This 5 ft x 5 ft x 24 in size is the same height for your beginner Silver Xcel Vault. Constructed of durable, high-quality vinyl, long-lasting foam and stitching, this incline (also known as a wedge mat), will be a gym staple for years to come. Tumbl Trak's™ thoughtful design adds to the versatility and VALUE of this incline.

  • Velcro around the top perimeter provides a secure place to attach soft or bouncy mats to the top of the incline.
  • Convenient and durable handles allow for easy movement from station to station.
  • Smart Mat design includes a Velcro flap that transforms the incline into a 5 ft x 5 ft x 2 ft block complete with useful gridline markings, suitable for endless vault drills or mat stack stations.
  • Attach a 3 m Air Floor to the top surface to create a bouncy downhill station.
  • Use the optional Incline Carpet Overlay to design useful and unique stations and obstacle courses.
  • Folded, the mat makes an ideal vaulting station and can be topped by the Tumbl Trak™ 5 ft x 5 ft x 8 in Practice Mat.
  • Due to its large size (it's as big as a queen size mattress), we do not recommend the Big Cheese for use in the home.
  • High quality, 18oz. Vinyl with heavy-duty stitching at the seams
  • Durable, dense foam core.
  • Smart Mat technology with useful features for even more versatility
  • Velcro flap at the top of the 2 ft end secures the Incline closed when folded into a block
  • Loop Velcro placement on the top surface allows for teaching tools like Velcro Tumbl Tape, Numbers or top mats to securely attach.
  • Gridlines on the folded top surface for visual hand placement, classroom management and games
  • Velcro at the base of the mat keeps it in place when used on closed-loop carpet as well as a built-in flap to cover the Velcro when you don't need it.
  • Handles placed conveniently around the mat for easy transport.
How heavy is the incline?

This incline requires two people to carry it comfortably. There are handles on the sides for easier transport and a Velcro flap to keep the incline closed when folded.

Does this ship freight? How much does it cost to ship?

Yes, this product does ship freight. Shipping costs are determined by your location in proximity to our warehouse in Michigan. Use the shipping calculator at the checkout to estimate shipping to your area.

Can I use both sides of the folded incline - top and bottom?

There are special features on each side of the Incline to aid in its function. The bottom of the incline has hook Velcro that helps to keep it in place when in use. If you don't want to velcro it down, we have strategic velcro flaps that cover the Hook Velcro. It is best to use the top side of the incline for athlete comfort.

What type of foam is in the middle?

We chose a perfect, medium density foam for just the right amount of long-lasting firmness, but gentle on the body at the same time.

How do I clean the vinyl?

Use warm soapy water to wipe down vinyl surfaces.


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