Folding Incline Mat (Cheese Mat)

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Folding Incline Mats, also commonly referred to as ''cheese mats,'' ''wedge mats'' and ''gymnastic wedges,'' are one of the most functional and versatile progressive skill builders for gymnastics, cheer and acro dance programs.

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Starting at  $229.99
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Built for Clubs

Wedge mats provide for a variety of applications, such as uphill vaulting, transition training on gymnastic bars, basic tumbling on floor, and conditioning. Fold the incline mat into a block for training additional skills and drills, or for use as a spotting block.

  • Tumbl Trak™ Folding Incline Mats feature a Velcro flap to keep the incline fastened securely shut when folded closed.
  • The large Folding Incline Mat features heavy-duty 2-inch wide webbing handles for carrying convenience.

Perfect for Home

Begin at the high end and travel down the wedge mat, using the lever advantage, for skills such as kickovers, front and back walkovers, back extension rolls and back handsprings. One of the features that sets a Tumbl Trak Folding Incline Mat above the rest is the added Velcro Flap on the high end of the incline. This flap is useful in securing the mat closed when folded to work on shoulder flexibility, bridges or core body control when in a handstand. Our cheese mats come in three sizes and three colors, each with heavy-duty handles for carrying convenience.

What size gymnastics wedge should you buy?

Your Folding Incline Mat should be as long as your athlete is tall when they have their arms stretched overhead by their ears:

  • Small (24-inches x 48-inches x 14-inches)
  • Medium (30-inches x 68-inches x 16-inches)
  • Large (60-inches x 84-inches x 16-inches).
  • Our mat is made from18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester fabric, 55 ILD Polyfoam, sturdy nylon zippers and prime foam fillers
    • Small (24-inches x 48-inches x 14-inches)
    • Medium (30-inches x 68-inches x 16-inches)
    • Large (60-inches x 84-inches x 16-inches).
  • All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.
  1. Use the Incline to practice Forward Rolls, Backward Rolls, Log Rolls, Cartwheels down the Incline
  2. Fold the Incline to create a block for practicing bridges with their feet on the block (hands on the floor), Working arms and core strength in a push-up shape with feet on block, Jumps up onto and off from the block, Donkey Kicks with hands on block.
What size Incline should I order?

The length of the Incline should be at least as tall as the child (or longer).

What's the difference between an Incline Mat, a Cheese Mat, and a Wedge Mat?
There's no difference between these mats.  They are just different names for the same kind of gymnastic mat.

What sizes are available?

24"x48"x 4", 30"x68"x16" and 60"x84"x16"

How do I clean my Incline?

Simple soap and water can be used to clean your Incline.


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