Tumble Straight Bundle

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The Tumble Straight Bundle includes three products designed to help tumblers improve their ability to tumble in a straight line. Each bundle features (1) Tumbl Tape, (1) Set of Velcro Numbers and (2) 1ft Fun Sticks.

MSRP: $142.47
Hot Deal  $128.22 $142.47
You save $14.25
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The Tumbl Tape is designed to be 20ft long with a new color every 2ft, athletes can start understanding the value of LONG tumbling early on. The markers and colors are also great for knowing hand placements when tumbling into the pit or uphill onto a resi mat. You won't have to remeasure your steps over and over! 

There are ten Velcro Numbers in a set and each has hook Velcro on the back of the vinyl top that keeps it securely in place on any closed loop surface, like carpet or the Tumbl Tape. The numbered patches are 4in wide and 4in tall, making them a great visual from near or far!

Use the 1ft Fun Sticks for jumping over, marking stations, obstacle courses, and more!

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