Octagonal Tumblers

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Octagonal Tumblers are a useful developmental shape trainer for teaching tumbling skills to gymnasts, acro dancers and cheerleaders. They offer a safe option for independent practice of skills and also save coaches from constant spotting!

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MSRP: $249.99 - $799.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $224.99
Was  Starting at  $249.99
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In addition to their usefulness in teaching tumbling skills, Octagonal Tumblers are great for recreational play as well.

  • Aid in teaching various progressions for skills, such as walkovers and handsprings.
  • Useful for teaching leaps, tick-tocks, over splits and skills that require height.
  • The largest Octagon (oct-828) splits in half to create two developmental shapes that also have lots of uses in the gym like feet high bridges, cartwheels over, jumps up and down, flexibility and so much more.
  • Feature heavy-duty web handles on the ends to make carrying easy.

NOTE: We suggest looking at the Air Barrel as an alternative to the Octagon.  They are easy to store and ship for free.

SIZE GUIDELINE: Available in four sizes to meet the needs of all levels and ages of athletes (if athlete is working on Back Handsprings)

  • 20-inches x 20-inches x 28-inches (35-inches in height or below)
  • 24-inches x 24-inches x 30-inches (35-inches to 43-inches in height)
  • 30-inches x 30-inches x 36-inches (44-inches to 53-inches in height)
  • 35-inches x 35-inches x 35-inches (53-inches in height and above).
  • 70 ILD polyfoam filler
  • 18 oz. knife coated vinyl
  • Durable dacron thread
  • Rugged webbing handles
All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

PARENT TIP: The Octagons come in many sizes and are fun to play with. You can roll over them, jump over them, use them as an obstacle in training skills that need to have height.

How do I know what size is best for my child?

20''x20''x28'' (35'' in height or below) 24''x24''x30'' (35'' to 43'' in height) 30''x30''x36'' (44'' to 53'' in height) 35''x35''x35'' (53'' in height and above)

How can I figure out what colors are available?

We have a choice of two color options: Primary Rainbow or Bright Pastel Rainbow. The Primary Rainbow Octagon is made up of primary colors like red, royal blue, green, orange and yellow. The Bright Pastel Octagon is made up of colors like pink, purple, lime green, yellow and light blue. Color placement is random.


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