Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag

Warranty: 24 Months

The Quick Flex Bar is a soft, foam covered strap that attaches to the Tumbl Trak™ for training a variety of bar skills in a manner that is safe and forgiving for feet during skills like Tkatchevs or for accidental landings.

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Use the Quick Flex Bar to practice skills directly on the Tumbl Trak™ before transitioning to the competition rails. Allows for safe repetition of elite bar skills, which promotes gymnasts' confidence and encourages the athlete to try new skills. Ideal for training cast handstands, back uprise handstands, pirouettes, Tkatchev releases and for working front and back giant shaping. The standard Quick Flex Bar must be attached to one of the legs of the above-ground Tumbl Trak.

  • It comes with two bar pads to cover the ratchets for additional safety.
  • Versions of the Quick Flex Bar are also available for the Inground Tumbl Trak™. The Quick Flex Bar can be attached anywhere along the frame of the Inground Tumbl Trak.
  • Includes a handy bag so no pieces get lost or misplaced.

Download the Quick Flex Bar Assembly Instructions here.  Here are the instructions for the Inground version of the Quick Flex Bar.

Can the Quick Flex Bar be used on the Porta Trak?

We do not recommend using the Quick Flex Bar on the Porta Trak.  The ratchet system of the Quick Flex Bar puts a lot of stress on the framework of the tumbling track.  The steel Tumbl Trak is strong enough to withstand this pull, however, the aluminum frame of the Porta Trak is not.

Can the Quick Flex Bar be used on an Inground Tumbl Trak?

It depends.  If you have a true 'Inground Tumbl Trak' where the frame has no legs and the flat metal rails are bolted into your cement, then the answer is "yes".  You should order the 'Quick Flex Bar for Inground Tumbl Trak'.  If you have an above ground Tumbl Trak (with legs) that you dropped into a pit, the answer is unfortunately "no".  Because Quick Flex Bar for the above ground Tumbl Traks must attach to the legs of the Tumbl Trak, and those legs are not accessible because of the pit, it will not work properly.


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