Cross Supports

Warranty: 24 Months

Cross Supports allow gymnastics coaches to easily turn the Tumbl Trak™ into a vault training station when used in conjunction with Table Top Vault Blocks.

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Cross Supports feature two metal bars (placed across the Tumbl Trak™) that telescope in and out to varying lengths, making them adjustable.  The steel frame ends include strong hook Velcro that secures it to the frame of the Tumbl Trak.

  • Adjustable to also fit other tumbling tracks (maximum width is 91.5-inches).
  • A pop-up push pin serves as a guide for how wide to make the Cross Supports to fit on a standard sized Tumbl Trak
  • Include safety padding and Velcro that secures to carpet.
  • Supports athletes weighing up to 200 lbs.

Assembly Instructions can be downloaded here.

What are the Cross Supports used for?

To turn your Tumbl Trak™ into a vaulting station by using the Cross Supports in conjunction with the Table Top & Vault Blocks. These two metal bars are placed across the Tumbl Trak™ and are adjustable to also fit other tumbling tracks. Price includes safety padding.


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