Table Top Vault Blocks

Warranty: 24 Months

The Table Top Vault Blocks are vinyl covered foam blocks that act as a progressional trainer to help gymnasts practice multiple repetitions of skills, and then transfer them successfully to the competition table. Purchase individual blocks as needed.

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Tumbl Trak™ was the first in the industry to introduce Table Top Vault Blocks. Only Tumbl Trak™ Table Top Vault Blocks offer a folding Base Block that can be used as an incline or wedge when not set up as a vault trainer. To get to 125cm, you would need:
(1) Table Top
(2) 15" base blocks
(1) 4" base block
For the 135cm, you would switch out the 4" base block with an 8" base block. 

  • Allows vault training for all levels, from basic handsprings up to elite-level vaults, such as Tsukahara's and Yurchenko's.
  • Includes two different types of Base Blocks that can be configured in numerous different ways (one folds into an incline and the other does not).
  • Each Base Block features heavy-duty web handles and Velcro flaps for a secure connection to each other or to carpet bonded foam.
  • To create a Tramp Vault station using your Tumbl Trak™, be sure to purchase the Cross Supports.
  • Made of the highest quality materials and designed with multi-functionality in mind.
  • Purchase individually or as a bundle.
Table Top
  • 3ft wide x 4ft long x 15in high
  • Synthetic suede topper
Base Blocks
  • 3ft wide x 4ft long x 15in high

Men's Base Block

  • 3ft wide x 4ft long x 8in high
  • Multi density, high quality foam filler
  • 18 oz. knife coating vinyl
  • High quality dacron thread
  • Velcro flaps for secure connection
  • Convenient web handles for easy mobility
Can the Vault Block be used as a spotting block?


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