Climbing Wall Overlay

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Attach the Climbing Wall Overly many Tumbl Trak products to create fun and useful stations in the gym, at school or at home.

MSRP: $249.99
Hot Deal  $224.99 $249.99
Was  $249.99
You save $25.00
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Climbing is incredibly valuable for child development, as it provides opportunities to build physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills. In fact, climbing is so important that it is now included in the New Physical Education curriculum that focuses on lifetime fitness for every student. The Climbing Wall Overlay is made of firm foam blocks (covered with vinyl) that are sturdy enough to hold climbers of all ages, and includes hook Velcro border on the backside for easy attachment to numerous Tumbl Trak™ products.
How big is the Climbing Wall Overlay?

It is 4'x6' and has firm foam blocks covered with vinyl that are sturdy enough to hold climbers of all ages.

What does the Climbing Wall Overlay attach to?

The overlay has a hook Velcro™ border on the backside that adheres to Tumbl Trak's™ Power Launch, 4ft x 8ft x8in Practice Mat, Air Floor Pro or other closed loop surfaces, like carpet bonded foam.

Can I use the Climbing Wall Overlay on the floor?

If your carpet is closed loop, then you can absolutely secure it to the floor. Have your students walk across the foam blocks as if they are stepping stones or challenge them to walk across on their hands only, or hop across the blocks, on one foot only, landing on the blocks.


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