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Hit the mark with Sweet Spot, an air-filled training aid that improves rebound off the hands and feet of gymnasts, cheerleaders, and dancers. This product is a favorite for coaches trying to prevent overuse injuries to wrists, knees and ankles.

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MSRP: $559.99
Hot Deal  $503.99 $559.99
You save $56.00
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Use on a spring floor as a take-off surface for tumbling or dance skills. The Sweet Spot also offers protection for wrists and ankles when used on the vault table and/or springboard.  The Sweet Spot's portable size makes it easy to use around your facility, adding enhancement to stations on vault, floor, beam or bars.

  • Serves as a bouncier, lighter substitute for traditional springboards.
  • Features target markers as a visual aid to make foot/hand placement more visible.
  • Strategically placed loops on the backside allow you to run straps through so you can attach to the top of a vault table.
  • Measures 3-ft x 4-ft x 3-in thick.
  • Includes a Dual-Action Hand Pump.


  • 36in wide x 48in long x 3in thick.
  • Includes a dual-action Hand Pump.

All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in Korea. Designed in the USA.

Download the Sweet Spot Owner Instructions here.  Watch the Sweet Spot troubleshooting video here.

Does the Sweet Spot come with a pump?

Yes, a dual action Hand Pump is included with your purchase.

To what pressure should I inflate my Air Floor?

A pressure gauge is included with the purchase of an Air Floor. We recommend inflating air products that are 8cm thick to a pressure of 1.5-3.0 psi.

How long can I expect the Sweet Spot to stay inflated?

The Sweet Spot should remain inflated overnight. Most times, you will need to "top off" the air with a few pumps from the hand pump in the morning. Note: extreme air temperature changes may cause the air inside to constrict or expand which may be a factor in how tight or soft your Sweet Spot feels.

How long does it take to inflate or deflate?

With the hand pump that is included, you can inflate your Sweet Spot in about 1-2 minutes. If you purchase the additional electric pump, you can inflate the unit in less than 20 seconds.  Deflation may take a little longer, but can be improved by laying or pushing on the product to help expedite the air out.

What is the recommended weight limit for the Sweet Spot?

We recommend no one over 175 lbs. use the Sweet Spot.


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