Bubble Bowl

Warranty: 24 Months

Take a spin in Tumbl Trak's Bubble Bowl! The Bubble Bowl is designed with a ripple texture on the inside to help kids get in and out safely. Once inside, give your kiddos a spin and provide their bodies with a bit of stimulating vestibular input.

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Built for Clubs

The Bubble Bowl can be used for more gentle movements, such as rocking back and forth or from side to side to improve upright stability. You can control the speed of the spin for each child or see if the child can make the bowl spin themselves! The clear color is a hit with children, as it is visually interesting. It is especially fun when the Bubble Bowl is flipped upside down and children crawl inside the fort. While protected in their bowl, children can look out at the world through the clear sides. The bowl is designed with a wavy edge that allows air circulation when flipped upside down.

The rigid construction allows for users under 125 pounds to stand on the top and feel like they are on top of the world!

Perfect for Home

The Bubble Bowl is the ideal size and design to encourage loads of safe at-home play. Children will gravitate toward the gently curved shape and seem to intuitively know how to get the Bubble Bowl moving. Rocking can be soothing for sensory seekers while also providing some useful upper body challenge as children work to stay balanced. Rock in small or big ways, forward and back or round and round - powered by kid strength and coordination.

Flip the Bubble Bowl over and it is large enough for kiddos to use as a quiet safe space, tucked up underneath. And, not to worry, the ruffled edge allows for some light and air to flow underneath. 

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 22 in
Weight: 4kg, 7.2 lbs
Suitable Age: 6 months and up
Max Load: 60 kg, 132 lbs

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