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These unique Rings can be hung on any bar for practicing different routines and aiding in strength training for athletes of all ages and ability. Unique color-coded straps are designed for quick and accurate changes in height settings of each ring.

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Starting at  $99.99
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Built for Clubs

Useful for gymnastics programs, obstacle courses, fitness programs, and preschool play.  Each set of Gymnastic Rings straps that fully adjustable in height. Don't want the rings and are just interested in our adjustable straps?  Consider the 9-foot straps only option, which are made similarly to the ones that come with the rings, but allow for suspension from higher heights (like competitive rings or high bar) and are reachable for ground work.  These rings are not intended for gymnastics rings competition. However, using gymnastic rings like these can help with: grip strength from hanging, swinging, pull-ups, leg lifts, arm strength and ab strength.

  • Rec Rings are made from strong polycarbonate and the surface has a non-slip texture.
  • Standard Rings are made with wood similar to what you would find in competition.
  • Adjustable from 23 to 33-inches high
  • Two sizes available
    • Recreational Rings (7-inch diameter)- plastic
    • Standard Rings (9-inch diameter)- wood
    • Note: Order the larger, standard rings if you are in a gym or are a competitive gymnast wanting to practice at home.

Perfect for Home

These rings and straps can be hung from any bar and adjust quickly and easily to accommodate any height, age or ability level. Rings are a naturally playful way to introduce upper body strength into your home routine. Whether you have preschoolers, competitive athletes, or both; these adjustable rings make them the natural choice. Made of easy-to-clean hard polycarbonate with a non-slip texture, they easily adjust from 23 to 33 inches in height. Useful when suspended from a bar, or permanent ceiling hardware, these rings will be fun for the whole family.

  • Rings are 1in thick
    • Rec Rings: 7-1/2in (19cm) diameter
    • Standard Rings 9-1/4in diameter (23cm) which is FIG standard.
  • Straps adjust from 23in (58 cm) to 33in (84 cm) long.
Are these good Gymnastic Rings for kids?

Yes. These gymnastics rings are perfect for kids. The rings are available in two sizes. The recreational ring size of 7 inches diameter is perfect for children's smaller hands.

Are these Gymnastic Rings adjustable?

Yes. Unlike most gymnastic rings on the market, these rings are easily adjustable to ensure they are set to the same height.

Are these good Gymnastic Rings for home use?

Yes. With a proper setup such as a bar or other support, these rings are ideal for home practice.

What is the weight limit?

The weight limit of each style of ring and strap is 150 lbs.


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