Spieth Ceiling Mount Rings

Warranty: 12 Months

An ideal solution for gyms with limited space. The rings are manufactured with multi-laminated wood rings, heavy-duty nylon straps and extra long coated cables.

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Built for Clubs

The Ceiling Hung Rings come with a pair of Swivels (P108-1A). Customer can cut the cables to their desired length.

Equipment Features:

  • Ideal solution for limited space
  • Includes a pair of swivels, cables and heavy duty nylon straps with plywood rings
  • Attaches to beam clamps (Sold separately [1101])

What's in the box:
2 - Swivels
2 - Cable Thimbles
6 - Wire Rope Clips (Cable Clamps)
2 - Rings with straps and quick link attached
2 - Cables with thimble in fixed loop on one end for attachment to Ring Strap's quick links

Tools are required for assembly.  See full Assembly Instructions here.

What is the FIG height for Rings?

The official F.I.G. height specifications are 280 cm ± 5 mm. This measurement is taken from the
floor to the inside bottom of the ring

Are these rings adjustable?

You can cut the cable to whatever length you desire.  However, once the cables are cut and installed, they are not adjustable after that.

Can I reposition the cable clamps on the cable after they have been secured?

Never reposition the cable clamps on the cable after they have been fastened tightly to cable, or serious injury due to cable failure is possible.

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