Jungle Gym with Ladder Tower Bundle

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Create a new climbing structure every day using the multi-position Padded Ladders and Jr Bar Pro to anchor the action! Wide Rung ladders form an upright “tower” while the Standard Rung Ladder is ideal for various inclined or horizontal placement.

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Built for Clubs

This bundle is a climbing dream come true for Preschool, Recreational and Ninja athletes!  Instructors will love the versatility of this equipment combination for creating a variety of stations to challenge upper body strength, coordination, problem-solving skills - of course, all while having the time of their lives.   

The four Wide Rung Ladders can be secured together using the double-sided Velcro straps to make a tower - each side having four widely spaced rungs to climb through or, in and out of.  Use this tower in combination with the ultra-stable Jr Bar Pro to attach a Standard Rung Ladder in any number of configurations.   Each Ladder has 1-½” round padded notches that match the diameter of the padded rungs as well as the rail of the Jr Bar Pro.  

Reserved athletes will build confidence in their climbing abilities when using the soft, padded rungs that allow hands to grip securely and feet to feel stable when maneuvering over, under, and around the obstacles.

Best of all, this system will not permanently use precious floor space in your facility.  Set up, change stations, or disassemble in moments - ideal for fast-paced programs, small spaces, or mobile programming.

  • Secure the Padded Ladder to the Jr Bar Pro using strong, double-sided Velcro straps, included.
  • Ladder has several padded notches to safely connect with the rail of the Jr Bar Pro.
  • Durable, long lasting construction will keep kids safely engaged in healthy movement fun.
  • This bundle includes: (1) Jr. Bar Pro, (1) 8ft tall Standard-Rung Ladder and (4) 6ft tall Wide-Rung Ladders

Perfect for Home

All the benefits of an indoor climbing structure without mounting anything to the walls!  Use this modular system of Padded Ladders in combination with the sturdy Jr Bar Pro to keep kids busy and moving.  Ideal for families with children of all ages and abilities.  Company coming?  Disassemble in moments and store the system away.

Adult supervision is recommended when engaging in climbing activities.  

Matting under the Jr Bar Pro and KIds Padded Ladder is strongly recommended.   Set up the bar and ladder on a flat surface with ample padding.

Q: What is the recommended matting thickness for under the Jr Bar and the Kids Padded Ladder?

A: We recommend a total thickness of 6 inches or more and 4’ wide, covering the landing surfaces.  The Home Practice Mat and 4 x 6 x 6” Practice Mat  are 6 inches  thick and could be used under the Jr Bar Pro or Kids Padded Ladder.  A combination of tumbling mat and soft mat topper (Teddy Bear Mat, Jr Practice Mat or Pit Pillow) would also work well.

Q:  Does the material on the Ladder rungs contain latex?

A:  The rubberized rungs on the Padded Ladder do not contain latex.

Q:  Is the material on the Padded Ladders easy to clean?

A:  Yes, simply clean with any disinfectant, similar to how you would clean any vinyl surface.

Q:   Is there a weight limit for the Padded Ladders?

A: We recommend no one weighing more than 150 lbs climb on the Padded Ladders


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