Laser Balance Beam Conversion Top

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The Laser Beam is moving to higher ground! Place the Laser Beam Conversion Top onto a standard competitive beam, or our Addie Beam to instantly transform your beam into a confidence-building progression for an athlete's most challenging skills.

Developed by Tumbl Trak Innovator Leonard Isaacs

Coach since 1967. Developed national team athletes. Mentored coaches and club owners. Inducted into the USA Gymnastics Region 5 Hall of Fame.

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At 7-in wide, the Laser Beam Conversion Top is designed to help skills transfer up off the ground seamlessly and confidently. The suede-like top is a soft, comfortable feel. The Conversion Top measures an inch shy of 8-ft long which allows for easy FREE Shipping. Use the webbing cinch straps to secure it in place on most standard competitive beams.

Two Conversion Tops end-to-end on a high beam allow athletes to do tumbling series, leap combinations and dismounts. Please note that the two Conversion Tops will not span the entire 16-ft 4-in length of a competitive beam.

Like the Laser Beam, the Conversion Top is made of a wood base, with just the right amount of padding on top. Strategically placed lines and numbers on the top surface are used as visual guides to help skills stay on track. Use the white lines that spaced 4-in apart to remind athletes of the actual width of a competitive beam.

The Laser Balance Beam Conversion Top is designed for attachment to a balance beam and is not meant for independent use as a floor beam. Using it on the floor could compromise how securely it fits onto the balance beam afterwards.

  • 95" long x 7" wide
  • Two straps to secure it to an Addie Beam or a competition beam
  • Lined with durable vinyl to protect the surface of your beam
  • Connect two to cover most of a full 16-ft length beam

Q.  What beams will the Laser Balance Beam Conversion Top fit on?

A.  The Laser Balance Beam Conversion Top will fit onto any competition sized beam.  It fits onto Tumbl Trak's 8 ft. Addie Beam, but does NOT fit on the Tumbl Trak Brianna Beam.

Q.  Can I use this on the floor on its own?

A.   The Laser Balance Beam Conversion Top is designed to be used on top of another beam. It is not recommened to be used on its own as there is not sufficient support throughout the base.

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