Addie Balance Beam

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Get the only competition-style beam that has no competition.

Choose the beam designed by a coach - and named after his niece
The Addie Beam was designed by gymnastic coach and Tumbl Trak founder Doug Davis. He named it in honor of his 3-year-old niece who was learning beam skills. We're so confident in the quality of Doug's design that we back it up with a 24 month warranty.

Insist on genuine competition look and feel
We've gone to great effort to make sure the Addie Beam looks and feels just like a competition beam. Our engineered suede has the same soft, smooth touch as competition beams costing ten times the price. And just like competition beams, the Addie Beam has curved sides and rounded corners, allowing gymnasts to learn proper hand and foot positioning used in countless skills and drills.

Steer clear of “the wobbles”
Nothing ruins confidence like a beam that tilts and wobbles. Sure, there's cheaper home balance beams on the market, but not all of them stay rock-solid on the floor when your young gymnast is practicing. We designed the Addie Beam low to the ground and gave it rubber-coated steel legs placed at optimized balance points for the strongest possible support. Go ahead and jump, cartwheel, or dismount - our beam won't budge!

Say "no" to toxic lead and BPAs
Your kids' health comes first. We never use these toxic materials in our beams. Our gymnastic balance beams have passed all testing requirements of the US Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act.

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MSRP: $279.99 - $379.98
Hot Deal  Starting at  $251.99
Was  Starting at  $279.99
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Built for Clubs

The Addie Balance Beam looks and feels like a competition beam, featuring realistic synthetic suede, a hollow wood core, and rounded top corners. This allows gymnasts to train with optimal hand and foot positioning.

  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - Designed with safety in mind, keeping your athlete a safe distance (just 5-inches) from the ground. In addition, each base of the Addie Balance Beam is coated in a soft rubber material to ensure it is soft enough for your athlete to step on.
  • FAST/EASY ASSEMBLY - The rubber-coated steel feet of the Addie Beam only take two bolts and two washers to secure!
  • Measures 8-feet long and 10-centimeters wide, the same width as a competition balance beam.
  • Standard Legs are included with the Addie Balance Beam. Leg Risers are sold separately and raise the beam up to 12-inches off the ground. If you order the additional Leg Risers, you will still receive the standard legs as well.

Perfect for Home

Gymnasts appreciate the look and feel of the Addie Balance Beam because its shape and suede cover are just like a competition beam! Expert wood craftsmanship and heavy grade steel fasteners provide superior stability - which is of utmost importance when you're learning new skills and perfecting the art of balance. The Addie Balance Beam is 8 feet long with feet that are low profile and flat to the ground, designed with the athletes safety in mind. The Addie Balance Beam is easy to put together and can be assembled in just minutes with the provided tools.  If you'd like to raise the Addie Balance Beam another 12-inches off the floor, order the Addie Balance Beam Leg Risers.

Need help deciding which balance beam to invest in?  Watch this helpful Beam Buying Guide video.

  • Hollow wood core
  • Synthetic suede cover similar to competition beam
  • 8ft long x 10cm wide x 5¼ in high
  • Weight limit is 175 lbs.

Download the Addie Beam Instructions here. View instructions on how to clean suede here.

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