Laser Beam Hammock

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Taking balance to the next level, the Laser Beam Hammock provides a safe place for students to balance at new heights! Designed to hold a Laser Beam Lite securely in place while adjustable straps secure to another fixture like parallel bars.

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Creating obstacles that challenge the most active explorers can be  a fun task!  The Laser Beam Lite Hammock will turn your Laser Beam Lite into an interactive, dynamic balance station for ninjas, campers, and obstacle course lovers alike.  Users will be able to swing, shake, rock or climb on, under, or over this set-up! Athletes can hang under the swinging structure and “sloth climb from one end to the other.  

Secure a Laser Beam Lite (not included) with the coordinating Velcro on the Hammock and use the color-coded adjustable straps to hang the Hammock.  It is designed to be hung from a set of Parallel Bars, but handy folks might find another fixture that may work as well.  Kids will cross the gently swinging beam “bridge” while holding on to the rails of the parallel bars. Adjustable straps make the hammock versatile for many different set ups.

  • Straps are 72-in long which allows the hammock to hang about 64-in to 28-in from the item to which it is attached.  Heights are roughly 64”, 58”, 52”, 46”, 37”, 31”, 28”
  • A red loop at the base of the hammock allows the straps to double-back and hang from a higher height.
  • Velcro strategically placed to match the opposing Velcro on the Laser Beam Lite.
  • Use the stabilizing straps to secure the hammock and limit the amount of swing for safe play
  • Use with adult supervision; Only one athlete at a time using the hammock
  • Meant for gentle use. Do not jump or bounce on the beam while suspended.
  • Weight limit is 75 pounds.
  • Straps are 72-in long which allows the hammock to hang about 64-in to 28-in from the item to which it is attached.  Heights are roughly 64", 58", 52", 46", 37", 31", 28"

What is the weight limit for the Laser Beam Lite when suspended with the LBL Hammock?

When used as intended the Laser Beam Hammock can support a Laser Beam with one athlete less than 75 pounds.  Gentle use is recommended (walking, crawling or hanging).  Do not bounce or jump on the beam while suspended in the hammock.

Do I have to use the Laser Beam Hammock with a Laser Beam Lite? Is there anything else I can use?

Because of the Velcro attachments that keep the hammock and Laser Beam Lite securely attached, these two products are intended to use together exclusively.

Do I have to use Parallel Bars to suspend the Hammock?

That’s what it’s designed for!  But, creative coaches may engineer a different set up that will work well.  Just be sure to check the security of the Laser Beam Lite in the Hammock and be careful of tethering the Hammock to some kind of upright to reduce the amount of swing.

What is the best way to place the Laser Beam Lite into the Hammock?

Place the Laser Beam Lite in the Laser Beam Hammock first, then hang the system to the rails of the Parallel Bars.


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