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Ideal gym mats for training in judo, taekwondo, karate, MMA or any other martial art. These high-quality martial arts mats are perfect for kids and adults alike, and provide a firm, sure-footed surface and cushion for maximum energy absorption.

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Starting at  $299.99
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Tumbl Trak's Martial Arts Mats are the highest quality gym or home use martial arts mats available on the market today. Each mat is made with crosslink foam, covered in 18 ounce vinyl and stitched together with high quality dacron thread. The mats consist of 24 inch foldable panels, making them easy to store and transport. They include Velcro on four sides to connect two or more mats together, creating a larger surface area. They're perfect for use as a judo mat, taekwondo mat, karate mat, grappling mat, MMA mat, or any other type of training. Visit the Tumbling Mat Page for more color options.

  • High Quality- Each mat is covered in an extremely durable 18oz knife coated vinyl material. The vinyl is stretched tightly over an industry leading EVA foam (the highest quality cross-linked polyethylene foam on the market)
  • Tumbl Trak has been an industry leader in making the highest quality gymnastics products for 30 years. Don’t let a cheaper price lure you in, Tumbl Trak offers unrivaled quality and will withstand even the most rigorous use.
  • Superior Design - Each of our Folding Panel Mats are foldable into 2ft panels. Use the mat unfolded for tumbling, exercising and more. Fold up the mat and use it as an elevation advantage for plyometrics. You can also attach them end to end.
  • All of our mats are tested and pass CPSIA of 2008 and come with a 2 year warranty
  • 8ft long x 4ft wide x 1-3/8in thick or 10ft long x 5 ft wide x 1-3/8 thick
  • Mats consist of 24 inch folding panels. (Four panels with the 4x8 mat and five panels with the 5x10 mat.)
  • 18 ounce knife coated vinyl
  • Cross-linked polyethylene foam
  • High quality dacron thread
  • Velcro flaps to connect two or more mats end-to-end or side-to-side
  • All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA

How do you know which mat thickness to go with?

We suggest determining the thickness based on the martial art being performed. Typically, athletes practicing Judo or Jiu-Jitsu prefer 2-in, while athletes practicing a striking art such as Tae Kwon Do prefer 1⅜-in thickness. 

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