Rebound Mat

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The Rebound Mat is Tumbl Trak's™ thickest, most forgiving tumbling and stunt mat for gymnasts and cheerleaders. It includes an additional layer of a special foam to give skills extra lift and rebound.

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Starting at  $549.99
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Built for Clubs

Rebound Mats are great for high-end tumbling such as tucks, layouts, and back fulls, due to the added spring athletes get during take-off and the extra cushion that helps during landing.

  • Three layers of foam totalling 2 3/8 inches thick perform together to offer a bit of extra bounding action when tumbling.
  • Can be configured to create longer/larger surfaces, end-to-end or side-by-side (four-sided Velcro option can also be connected side-by-side to create larger, safer areas for cheer stunting).
  • Folds into five 2-foot wide panels for easy storage.
  • Includes non-skid material on the bottom.
  • Available in three color options: red, black and purple.

Perfect for Home

The Rebound Mat boasts an additional layer of special foam to provide extra lift and rebound, which means more air time to make technical corrections. The Rebound Mat is not just another tumbling mat. This mat has been specially crafted with the intent of offering tumblers, stunters, dancers, and bounders of all sorts the ideal surface to train on. Athletes will appreciate the extra layer of foam when they are attempting their 5th or 500th attempt at perfection.

  • Feels springier than a standard tumbling mat.
  • Folds into five 2-foot wide panels for easy storage.
  • Includes non-skid material on the bottom.

Still can't decide which mat to buy? Watch this helpful Mat Buying Guide video.

  • 5ft wide x 10ft long x 2-3/8in thick
  • Five 2ft wide folding panels
  • 18 oz knife coated vinyl
  • 2 inches of Crosslink Foam with a layer of 1/2 in EVA foam on top
  • Non skid material on bottom
  • Weight = 39lbs.

All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

What size do you recommend for stunting?

Depending on the size of your team and budget, the most common size for stunting mats is 10ft x 10ft which is two Rebound Mats with 4-sided velcro attached side-by-side.

Does this mat contain harmful chemicals?

Our mats do not contain lead and have passed testing requirements enacted by the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

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