Mobile Movement Bundle A

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Pack Up and go PLAY! Tumbl Trak Mobile Movement Packages are a way to bring all the fun of fitness and gymnastics movement to schools, community centers, parks and recreation programs and more.

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BONUS Homenastics Video & Activity Guide

Whether your young athlete is just starting out or a seasoned competitor, our exclusive Homenastics Video and Activity Guide will help improve their strength, flexibility, and skills — safely!

Developed by coaches, this free bonus is packed with 160 tips, drills, and skills for hours of fun-filled gymnastic learning!

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Includes BONUS Chalk Ball w/carry bag
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Mobile programs are a great source of community outreach that can generate exposure, interest and revenue for your gym program! Equipment is designed to be durable, portable and can be stored in a small space or transported in a vehicle! "Pack Up and GO PLAY" and watch how your community grows! We've carefully selected packages of equipment that offer interchangeable pieces meant to create many stations of fitness play. Activities are geared toward inspiring movement that improve overall strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and core strength. Watch as your students learn the joys of activity and build self-confidence while moving!
Bundle A fits into a compact car (similar to a Prius). This starter mobile package features a variety of pieces that will challenge 6-8 students at one time! Imagine kids jumping over the barrel, rolling down an incline or practicing modified pull ups on a bar! This package will actually fit into the back of a small hatchback, like a Pack Up and GO PLAY!
This bundle includes:
(1) Jr. Bar Pro
(2) 4'x8'x1-3/8" Build-a-Mats
(1) 4'x6'x6" Practice Mat
(1) Baby Bear Mat
(1) Hopscotch Mat
(1) Folding Incline
(1) Air Barrel and Cradle
(1) Hot Block
(1) Sectional Beam
(1) Set of Hands and Feet.

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