Tumbling Circuit Bundle 1

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Our Tumbling Circuit Bundle 1 is the perfect addition to any gym. It combines portability with functionality, giving you the best of both worlds! Keep multiple athletes of varying skill levels busy all at the same time.

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With the help of Tumbl Trak Ambassador, Shea Crawford, we've developed an all-in-one tumbling station that can be used by multiple athletes at the same time, without spotting. The Air Floor PRO and Air Platform Mat (the 2 largest pieces) are filled with air, bouncy, and portable allowing you to easily move the equipment throughout the gym with ease. The Pit Pillow and Practice Mats help keep the athletes safe and can be used individually as well. Throw in the Booster Blocks and Tumbl Tape and you've got the perfect Tumbling Bundle. Be sure to check out our videos to see all of the ways you can use this unique bundle!

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