Air Barrel Bundle 2

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Unlike foam barrels, the Air Barrel has bounce and provides rebound for a variety of skills. While it may look like a foam octagon or barrel, it is filled with air and is BOUNCY, helping with drills that cannot be done with traditional foam shapes.

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Built for Clubs

The Air Barrel is a very simple, yet extremely versatile, multi-purpose training device.When paired with the Floor Bar, the Air Barrel makes a great bar training station for teaching body awareness and control.  The Floor Bar attaches firmly by Velcro to any carpet surface.
  • It can be deflated and easily stored away when not in use.
  • It features sturdy handles on the ends for easy mobility.
  • Also, included on each end are d-rings for securing or suspending the Air Barrel for a variety of drills and uses.
  • Price includes dual-action hand pump.

The following items are included in this bundle:

  • Air Barrel (you choose size & color)
  • Floor Bar
  • Carpeted Build-A-Mat (you choose size)
  • Cradles (sold as pair)

Perfect for Home

The Air Barrel Bundle 2 is a versatile multi-purpose training bundle that can be used for working handstands, pirouettes, advanced skill hand positioning and much more! Unlike traditional foam barrels the Air Barrel adds an element of bounce that provides rebound and fun to a variety of skills. It can quickly be inflated/deflated and stored away when not in use.

The Floor Bar lets the gymnast practice and perfect ''bounce-to-handstand'' drills while reducing stress on the wrists. Also included is the match up of our Floor Bar with Velcro bottom and a 4 foot x 6 foot carpeted Build-a-Mat that keeps the Floor Bar securely in place.

This bundle includes the Cradles (sold as pair) which keep the barrel from rolling during skills or drills where a stationary barrel is useful.  Yes, we have thought of it all!

  • Choose from the following diameters: 24in, 30in, or 36in.
  • 42in long, fully inflated
  • 34in long
  • 18oz knife coated vinyl
  • Soft density PU foam
  • Triangle shaped to create a wedge to stabilize the Air Barrel


  • 1.5in diameter wood grain bar
  • 48in long
  • Steel ends covered with two 9.5in vinyl-covered foam Bar Pads for additional cushion and safety
All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Download the Air Barrel Owner's Instructions here.

Does the Air Barrel include a pump?

Yes, the Air Barrel includes a hand pump. If you are interested in inflating the unit more quickly, you might consider adding an electric pump to your order.

How long does it take to inflate?

With the hand pump that is included, you can inflate your Air Barrel in about 1-2 minutes. If you purchase the additional electric pump, you can inflate the unit in less than 20 seconds.

How long should I expect my Air Barrel to stay inflated?

The Air Barrel should remain inflated overnight. Most times, you will need to ''top off'' the air with a few pumps from the hand pump in the morning. Note: extreme air temperature changes may cause the air inside to constrict or expand which may be a factor in how tight or soft your Air Barrel feels.

My Air Barrel has a slow leak, what do I do?

Try to locate the source of the leak using a spray bottle of water with a few drops of dish soap in it. A patch kit can be requested from Customer Service or you can find kits anywhere inflatable camping equipment is sold.


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