Perfect Placement Gymnastic Floor Bar

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Teach handstands and pirouettes more efficiently with our Perfect Placement Gymnastic Floor Bar! Seven colorful, high-grip segments help gymnasts visualize transitions and coaches point out corrections. The 60-in width allows for full pirouettes.

MSRP: $349.99
Hot Deal  $314.99 $349.99
You save $35.00
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Whether your athletes are building strength and confidence in their inverted bar skills or learning hand placement for advanced pirouetting technique, the Perfect Placement Gymnastics Floor Bar will help both coach and gymnast alike.  Athletes can visualize where they place their hands, while coaches can communicate corrections using the color segments as a guide. At 60-inches long there is plenty of space for hand placement.  Each color segment is made of rubberized material, fused to the steel tube bar at the core. 

  • The bar sits 5-in off the floor for optimal clearance for hands.
  • Multi-color PPR rubberized material fused to a solid steel tube bar.
  • Hook Velcro on the base keeps the bar in place when used on closed loop carpet
  • Grippy material feels comfortable and secure in the athlete’s hands.
  • A great side station for all level athletes.
  • Wipe clean with warm soapy water.
  • OD is 64-inches long, 
  • ID (working space) is 60-inches  
  • Seven color segments, 8-inches long/ea
  • PPR rubberized material is wrapped securely around a solid steel tube bar.
  • Diameter is 1½-inches, including rubberized material
  • Hook Velcro on the base keeps the bar in place when used with closed loop carpet.

The feet of the bar have Hook velcro to secure it to carpet, what do I do if I’m using it on vinyl or wood flooring?

We suggest using Tumbl Trak’s Non-Slip Strips to keep the bar in place when used on vinyl or other non-carpeted surface

Are the rubberized color segments removable?

No, they are fused to the core and not removable.

How do I clean chalk off the rubberized material?

Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe chalk off the rubberized material.

What is the weight limit of this bar?

150 pounds

Are there any other colors available?

No, currently this is the color combination, chosen by experts in the field!

Is there latex in the PPR material?

No, the PPR material is latex-free.


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