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BONUS!Purchase Flyers Dream Bundle and get our Homenastics training video and activity guide for FREE!
Purchase Flyers Dream Bundle and get our Homenastics training video and activity guide for FREE!

Flyers Dream Bundle

The Flyer's Dream Package is a must have for any cheerleading flyer. Not only does it come with the one-of-a-kind Fly Right, but it also includes a 4ft x 8ft Tumbling Mat- you choose the thickness and color!

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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Flyers Dream Bundle
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The Fly Right is a patented stunting stand that gives flyers the feeling of being in the air. The super durable design keeps them feeling safe and gives you the reassurance that this product will last for years to come. When used in combination with the Tumbling Mat, it creates an extremely safe environment for your athlete to train. The Tumbling Mat can also be used for tumbling practice, stretching, working out and much more!
Height adjustable to experience a higher elevation of stunting
12" height for beginner flyers
15" height for intermediate flyers
18" height for experienced flyers

Made of durable metal
Non-slip foot rest and base
Available in 2 colors: shiny black and hot pink

Patent # 8,343,022

  • 18 oz knife coated vinyl
  • High quality Crosslink foam
  • 2ft folding panels
  • Velcro flaps on each end to connect mats end-to-end to create longer mats
Made in China. Designed in the USA. All materials meet CPSIA requirements.

24 Months on material and workmanship.

Can I adjust the height of the FlyRight?
Yes. It’s height is adjustable to experience a higher elevation of stunting: 12” height for beginner flyers, 15” height for intermediate flyers and 18” height for experienced flyers.
Are the Tumbling Mats Lead Free?
Our mats do not contain lead and have passed all testing requirements enacted by the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act of 2008.
How do I clean my Tumbling Mat?
Simple soap and water will clean your tumbling mat, but do not use a bleach or bleach based product.
Is there more to 'vinyl coverings' than just the weight of the material?
Believe it or not, there are many different types of vinyl coverings; even different types within the same weight class. As you are shopping around, you may notice that many companies use an 18 oz. vinyl material. But what type of 18 oz. vinyl are they using? Here at Tumbl Trak, we do not cut corners and only use the best materials. Our vinyl is 18 oz. knife-coated with a reinforced woven base fabric to offer the maximum tearing strength, wearing strength and peeling strength...the way professional gymnastics mats should be made. Many other manufacturers use other types of vinyl such as laminated vinyl which has a low peeling and tearing strength.
How will the foam in my mat hold up?
Foam within a gymnastics mat is one of the most integral pieces of its construction. If the foam is too hard it may not make for a safe landing. If the foam is too soft, it may not provide enough support and the athlete could hit a hard surface underneath. We take this into mind when producing our tumbling gymnastics mats and use only the highest quality construction. The foam inside is a Crosslink foam that provides the optimal amount of support when in use. Not only does it offer the proper cushion, but it will also last much longer than many other types of foam commonly used in gymnastics mats; ensuring your mat will stay functional for years to come.