Semi Assembled Spring Floors

MSRP: $14,999.99
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Tumbl Trak Spring Floors are made of the highest quality Russian Baltic Birch combined with the best power springs on the market. A well-designed cap prevents springs from falling out during use, which can leave dangerous dead spots in your floor.

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MSRP: $14,999.99
Holiday Deal  $14,249.99 $14,999.99
You save $750.00
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We make our system EASY TO INSTALL. Wood 5-ft x 5-ft panels arrive with the caps already mounted and velcro applied. The layout is already done for you! All you need to do is pop the springs in, flip the boards over and lay the carpet on top. The floor comes ready to put directly into place. No tools are necessary - well, maybe some snips to cut the bands on the skid. We use 4-inch Velcro (not 2-inch) for optimal attachment. All boards come cut to size, velcroed and well-marked for assembly ease.

DURABLE- We use high-quality 3/8in (or 9mm) Baltic Birch on both the lower and upper plywood layers. The Baltic Birch is one of the strongest plywoods in the world and provides a much longer life for your floor than pine plywood or OSB. The wood is the most critical variable in the engagement of the springs and therefore, the responsiveness of your floor. Durable, high carbon steel springs with easy mount retainer caps make for a long-lasting, sturdy floor system.

  • 5-ft x 5-ft x ⅜-in Baltic Birch boards
  • 2-in x 4-in high carbon steel springs
  • Cap has extra reinforced tabs for secure fastening of spring to cap (no more dangerous dead spots where springs have fallen out.)
  • Top and bottom caps are easily interchangeable

Carpet foam borders are available as an option. Special sizes can be custom made. Please call for pricing and details.

What kind of assembly is required?

Your Semi Assembled Spring Floor will arrive with the sections stacked and strapped onto a few pallets. The Assembled Floor Sections come with the caps already mounted, and Velcro applied. You will need to pop the springs in, flip the boards over, velcro the panels together, and lay the carpet on top. Complete layout instructions are included.

Is the Carpet Bonded Foam included in the purchase?

No, but the Carpet Bonded Foam or Flexi Rolls are purchased separately. We have 1⅜-inch and 2-inch thicknesses available in several colors.

If my current floor is 'dead' can I change out the springs, use the current boards, and tops to get a whole new floor?

If the boards are in good condition, not cracked or warped, then changing out the springs should work great. If any boards are broken, just replacing the section with a new board spring cap and hardware is the way to go.

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