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As of July 13, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.
As of July 13, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.

Tumbl Talk

Supporting athletes and families during a time of racial tension

Posted on 6/18/2020

Preface Contributor: Carrie Spender

This blog came across my desk more than a week ago and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since.  The author, Kimberly Ransom, tells the story of her community, shattered by the death of a beloved staff member and her reflections on how to support black athletes and families in your gym.  


How can we help?

Posted on 6/18/2020
Across the nation gyms, studios, dojos, summer camps have entered various phases of reopening (or preparing for) and welcoming students back into action.  Alongside the joy (and relief) of seeing students again is the additional responsibility of thoughtfully planning toward keeping children and communities safe during these unprecedented times. [More]

Important considerations for Returning to the Gym and Injury Prevention

Posted on 5/14/2020

By Gina Pongetti, PT, MA, CSCS, Art-Cert

We are all so proud of how gymnastics has come together in this crisis, including sharing so much information on how to return safely and how to keep busy while home! While so many are concerned about the cleanliness and contagious, which is the most important, making sure our athletes’ physical and mental health is taken care of is also a priority- as we are all excited to start following our dreams again!


Open the Adventure. Grow your skills at HOME!

Posted on 5/14/2020
Many of you may know our newest Brand Ambassador, Coach Tony, from our Homenastics programs on FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube.  His love for teaching and his dedication to engaging kids with positivity,  enthusiasm, and experience embodies so many elements of Tumbl Trak’s mission and vision. [More]

Adapting to a New World with Telehealth

Posted on 5/14/2020

Sheri Ireland-Berk, PT

The frantic, frenzied family scramble to scoop up the kids from school and race to soccer practice, dance class, scout meetings, and after school activities came to a screeching halt when the Coronovirus forced the world to stay at home and shelter in. For families of children with many kinds of disabilities this “stay home” order threatened to keep them from getting critical services like physical, occupation, and speech therapy.


Tumbl Trak Fitness for Parents

Posted on 4/21/2020

Tired of Netflix yet?  Get up and MOVE!  Check out these grown-up fitness challenges that can be done on a home training bar, or balance beam safely at home.


A Story of Heart - A Message, “It will be ok”

Posted on 4/21/2020

What most will never know is that Julie broke her hip when she was 2 ½ in a beginning gymnastics class.  She was swinging from a small trapeze bar about five feet off the ground. The goal was to swing and land into a foam pit.  She let go early and landed on a wedge mat. The landing angle of the fall was devastating. Julie let out one scream and grabbed her leg.  Not seeing anything abnormal but visually she was hurting, we rushed Julie to the local children’s hospital emergency room.



Posted on 3/26/2020
Cheese mat, wedge, folding incline — you’ve heard it called them all. With so many names, what exactly is this mysterious piece of equipment, and what can you “do” with it? Here, we spotlight five practical applications for your … whatever you want to call it! [More]

What in the World?

Posted on 3/26/2020

The past few mornings I’ve woken up and in that moment of awakening I experience 3 seconds of forgetting about the chaos in the world.  Maybe you’ve had the same feeling.

As the day unfolds I find myself thinking, obsessing, worrying

This. Is. Hard.

The Tumbl Trak Team has been hard at work, focusing on what we do best - provide safe, high quality equipment and education to athletes and coaches, which suddenly feels like it’s NOT ENOUGH.  What else can we do? Is it possible to help an entire country care for athletes who find themselves at home, missing friends, missing their coaches, feeling unsettled and unsure?


Before there was Tumbl Trak

Posted on 2/21/2020
Many have heard the story of how the company Tumbl Trak was founded in 1988, (just about the same time the movie Top Gun was released) when Doug Davis bounded into his adventures in manufacturing revolutionary gymnastics equipment.  But, lesser well known are the tales of the days and years prior and his partnership with Diana Hughes that elevated the dream. [More]

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