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A Gym Full of Queens

Posted on 6/11/2018

By Carrie Spender, Tumbl Trak Education Coordinator and mother of two gymnasts

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and there’s an electric energy that tells you something great is about to happen?   That was the feeling when walking into the gym for Beam Queen Boot Camp, (#BQBC) in Redmond, WA last weekend. The athletes knew they were about to do something GREAT.

Samantha Peszek, Olympic Medalist and NCAA Champion is spending this summer traveling to nine different locations around the country, leaving a trail of “beam queens” in her path.  She is accompanied by an extraordinarily talented group of vibrant, passionate athlete-coaches whose combined list of accomplishments and titles seems never ending. They are like the “Avengers of Gymnastics” - Olympians, NCAA Champions, Masters of Motivation and everything balance beam.   

Many of the campers arrived at the camp wondering how they would be able to spend 4 hours on balance beam alone. “No bars? No vault? What are we going to do for all that time on beam?” In the end, they were wishing they had MORE time on beam. It was THAT good.

There were many highlights during the two day camp, but the most impressive detail was the level of attention and care the staff offered to each athlete. Each coach was focused at the task of improving skills and fostering a positive camp environment. At the end, there was a panel discussion. It was quite powerful and moving to hear the coaches describe the challenges, injuries and hardships they faced during their career.  And, how these coaches persevered through tough moments with grit and sheer determination. Their personal and relatable stories made for a strong connection with the camp athletes who listened and dreamed of following in their footsteps.

If you’re able, jump on board the Beam Queen Boot Camp closest to you, or, if your gym is interested in hosting a camp, contact  Check out their pics and posts on Facebook and Instagram and get ready to be inspired!