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Carpet Foam: It’s all about the VELCRO.

Posted on 9/12/2017

Riddle:  What piece of equipment stretches from floor to ceiling, can be used by preschoolers and Olympians alike, and is strong enough to hold up the roof?  (Hint:  Some kids like to drive teachers UP IT, also.)

Answer:  A wall.  

Using your gym walls to create stations is a well known idea.  Stall bars and handstand training are useful options.   But, consider the possibilities if you had carpet bonded  foam on your wall.  

VELCRO-ability.   If you know Tumbl Trak, you know we love our VELCRO - and the endless possibilities of mixing and matching mats and manipulatives to create the perfect station.  In this case, a wall station.  

The Tumbl Trak Team started using carpeted wall stations with Fun Sticks with Tom Forster to encourage athletes to shape a handstand using only a variable point of contact.  

The carpeted wall makes it super easy to increase the challenge of the handstand by moving the Velcro-able Fun Stick lower on the wall, encouraging the athlete to self correct the rest of the handstand on their own.

The Tumbl Trak Floor Bar  has convenient Velcro on the feet that will help the bar stay put when affixed to the wall for learning  beginning Pirouette shapes.  This is a great way to build confidence and reinforce great habits from the get-go.

We like carpeted walls so much, we created the Carpet Wall Overlay - a simple sheet of loop Velcro Carpet that attaches to a mat guessed it - Velcro!

The Carpet Overlay version of a wall is portable - so you can use it in a variety of stations as a bar wall, climbing station or in a rad obstacle course!

Here’s a list of additional benefits to using carpeted walls in your gym:

  1. Carpet bonded foam adds additional padding on the wall for safety.

  2. It’s a great noise absorber.

  3. No more drawing with chalk on the wall...use Velcro manipulative for Preschool visuals!

  4. Carpet Foam pieces can be cut to various lengths and widths to accommodate all different wall space availability.

  5. It is available in different colors to add some interest to your walls!

Visit the Tumbl Trak website to find more information about using carpet walls, at