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Jam Pack Your Obstacle Course!

Posted on 9/12/2018

This summer, the Tumbl Trak event schedule was jam packed!   We attended gymnastics, cheer, martial arts, special needs and fitness focused events and shows across the country, sharing education, equipment, and collaborating with industry folks.  When we’re at shows, we really enjoy getting to know all the coaches, owners and athletes who stop by to ask questions, learn about new equipment or just say, “hi” at the tradeshow hall.  

Education is a top priority for Tumbl Trak.  We consider ourselves learners, always growing and discovering new ideas, techniques, and of course creative ways to use our equipment!  We are grateful for the opportunity also to share our ideas, many that come from keeping in touch with the top movement educators in the country.  

This summer, I did a presentation called Jam Pack your Obstacle Course!  Perhaps you’ll find some of the ideas useful as you start your new fall schedule of classes and activities.  The powerpoint is jam packed with photos and videos of set-ups that make moving fun.

Check it out HERE.

If I had to pick ONE summer highlight, it would absolutely be the excitement surrounding our 30th Anniversary Giveaway.  We announced our two lucky winners, both who received $15,000 worth of Tumbl Trak equipment. Congratulations Josh Storrer of Colorado and Ann Bradshaw!

Have a great fall season!