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NW Dance and Acro

Posted on 7/14/2017

When you strive for excellence, how do you know when you have achieved it?   

Augga Hawkins spent her own youth pursuing excellence as an accomplished performer in Beijing, China, graduating in the top of her class from the Central University of Nationalities and earning the lead dancer position at the prestigious National Chinese Ballet Company.  After moving to the United States, Augga  has dedicated her adult life to sharing her passion for dance and teaching in her studio, Northwest Dance & Acro in Arlington, Washington.

NW Dance & Acro recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and a quick rise to the top being recognized in the top 100 FDC National ranking studio, and one of the best in Washington State.  The studio has an expansive list of class offerings from jazz to contemporary, lyrical to hip hop and, of course Acro!

The NW Dace & Acro competitive team stays busy year round, performing regionally and Nationally.  They have even been featured on America’s Got Talent!  Their creative choreography combined with attention to detail in technique and training has allowed this team to capture the hearts of audiences around the nation.

At NW Dance & Acro, dancers and parents have formed a close-knit network of support that contributes to the studios positive, friendly atmosphere.  Instructors recognize each dancer’s unique abilities and work toward achieving personal goals.  

Acro Dance programs like NW Dance & Acro continue to grow as families recognize the opportunity for creative expression, combined with the excitement of acrobatic skills.  As in all areas of youth activity, keep a look out for a program in your area that emphasizes the safe progression of skills and a positive learning environment.  

Way to go NW Dance & Acro!