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On the MOVE with I Can Gymnastics!

Posted on 5/15/2017

Imagine a program that offers a full schedule of cheer, gymnastics, special needs, and ninja classes. Now picture putting all of the equipment you need for those programs into a van and traveling to 4 different locations every week to service kids in low income areas.

That's what Carina Stout, owner of I Can Gymnastics does. Before starting a mobile program, Carina owned her own gym but found gym ownership to be stressful. 

"Mobile programming allows me more flexibility, a creative outlet, and relieves me of a rent payment!"

Carina admits, packing and unpacking equipment, daily, is a lot of work, mentioning to me that there is a science to fitting it all in her van.  She doesn’t mind the work because she knows that by bringing affordable gymnastics to the students in schools and churches, she’s giving kids a chance to flip their fears and turn their “I can’ts”,  into “I CAN!”.   

Many of her students are  shy, or may be intimidated by a big gymnastics facility.  She loves that in this type of small, intimate program she really gets to know her students, and families.  Carina makes a connection with kids and makes a strong effort to support them both emotionally and physically  because she understands that gymnastics provides a positive outlet for those who have challenges in their lives and has the ability to give kids the confidence they need to tackle challenges outside of her class as well.

Recently, Carina has expanded her reach to include students with special needs.  She eliminates the transportation barrier many schools face and travels to them, setting up the equipment in their sensory rooms. The response from students and special education teachers has been eager and together they are learning every day about the benefits of gymnastics movement for students with special needs.

Carina lives by her motto, “I Can…”, as seen in her tenacity and passion for the work she does.  You can find more information about I Can Gymnastics on the I Can Gymnastics Facebook Page.