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When you give a dancer a SOFT floor... (carpeted no less!)

Posted on 2/8/2017
Watching the fluid movement of a dancer is mesmerizing. At times, they appear to float in the air. Underneath the strength , grace, and poise of a dancers feet will typically be a floor surface that is smooth and silky, designed to allow for turn and leaps without being slippery.

As athletes progress, the rigors of jumping, landing, spinning and balancing can strain even the most thoughtfully trained dancer.  Carpet bonded Flexi-roll can be the answer to reducing stress and offer a rest for hard working muscles and tendons.

Dancers will appreciate the soft carpeted surface and padding when doing plyometrics, conditioning, flexibility training and acro skills. Carpet bonded Flexi Roll is ideal for the athletic movements of acro dancers and teaching safe skill progressions in tumbling or stunting.  Many dance programs take advantage of the closed loop carpet to use velcro manipulatives for creative teaching stations.

Flexi-roll is designed to be easy to move, set-up and store away when not in use.  Each roll can be cut and customized to the preferences of your studio and velcro together for a unified floor surface. For more information on Carpet Bonded Flexi Roll, click here