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Your Daughter’s College Dream Is Worth Pursuing!

Posted on 6/11/2018

By Luan Peszek

JH Consulting advises college bound student athletes and their parents in the gymnastics recruiting process to find the best fit, both academically and athletically.

Let’s face it, the recruiting process can be overwhelming for the gymnast and parent. The parent feels alone in helping her daughter get recruited and the athlete lacks the confidence and experience to know how and when to start the process. Our goal is to reduce the pressure on the parent and build confidence in the gymnast by providing expert advice and knowledge.

We start with a 1-hour FaceTime session to understand the client’s background in gymnastics, academics and desires for college. We share details in regard to the recruiting process and develop a personal action plan for each gymnast. We typically meet once a month and increase our meetings as the gymnast gets closer to making a final decision.  

Questions we often address with the parent and gymnast:

  • Is my daughter good enough to compete on a college gymnastics team?

  • Is it better to market my daughter on a website or YouTube?

  • How do you reach out to the college coach?

  • What do I say when I call a college coach?

  • When do we schedule the unofficial and official visits?

  • When can we call the college coach?

  • When can the college coach call us back?

  • Do my daughters routines have “up to the level” value for college requirements?

More areas of discussion:

  • NCAA rules and regulations

  • Timing of when to make contact

  • Short and long-term goals to be recruited to the desired college teams

  • Information on how to market the gymnasts’ strengths

  • How to write an effective email to the college coach

  • How to pick a summer college camp and create the best exposure

It’s imperative to be in front of the recruiting process and know that you have done your research, prepare ahead of time and have a plan in place.  If you would like more information on how to get started with our advising services or receive a free consultation you can go to or email Luan Peszek at

Luan has had extensive experience in the sport of gymnastics including having been a club and college competitor, club and collegiate coach, mom of an Olympian and two collegiate gymnasts who received full gymnastics scholarships. Let me help your daughter achieve her dreams!