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Safe gym play - at HOME!

Posted on 1/14/2019
Following the glow of the holidays, it’s always fun to scroll through the Tumbl Trak feed (#tumbltrak), and see all the happy kiddos playing on their new Tumbl Trak equipment.    Families have to get creative when trying to fit their new mat, beam or bar into the living room, den, or basement.  Often parents are faced with the dilemma of where to store the coffee table, or how to position the couch for the best “viewing” area for the home gymnastics shows. [More]

I Have Cool Friends: Season 2

Posted on 1/3/2019

By: Samantha Peszek

I’m so excited to announce that I launched the second season of the I Have Cool Friends podcast. It’s been such an exciting journey for me. In season one, I had the privilege of interviewing my friends who are knowledgeable experts in the gymnastics space. We shared tips and tricks, memories of the national team and international meets, as well as inspiration on how to get 1% better each day. We hit some milestones that I’m really proud of such as getting more than 120,000 downloads, getting downloads in over 100 countries, and breaking into the charts as the number 1 podcast in the college and high school category for multiple weeks and breaking into the top 100 in the All Sports category. It’s been a whirlwind, but one that I’m looking forward to continuing.


Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation Scores Support from Locally Based Company Tumbl Trak

Posted on 11/7/2018
(Detroit, MI – October 10, 2018) – The Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation (WHGF), a non-profit organization that provides free and low-cost quality gymnastics for urban youth, is kicking off another season of their Detroit programming with the ongoing support of Tumbl Trak, a gymnastics equipment company headquartered in the heart of Michigan. [More]

The Al Fong Spotting Blocks System Story

Posted on 11/7/2018

By Al Fong

I created the Al Fong Spotting Blocks System because of the way I taught bar skills back in the early 1980’s. To spot releases like jaegers and reverse hechts, I moved my pommel horse under the uneven bars, put additional folding panel mats on top and hoisted my gymnasts onto my shoulder to flip them around to catch the bar, or threw them over the high bar.


Positive Mindset for Cheerleaders!

Posted on 10/4/2018
There will be times where we want to quit and won’t think we’re good enough. Maybe it was a fall or made a mistake in a stunt sequence and after a thorough reminder from our coach, it can be defeating. The feeling as if all options have been expended. The best effort was given. We consciously tried to fix technique. What’s left to fix? [More]

Athletes coaching athletes

Posted on 10/4/2018

By: Skyler Memmel, Central Michigan University Gymnast

As a child, I always had the dream of becoming a collegiate gymnast and I’m proud to say that my dream came true. I am a senior on the gymnastics team at Central Michigan University and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity. I have learned many life skills through the sport of gymnastics which have heightened since the time I became a freshman at CMU. Aside from the many benefits that come along with being a student athlete, the gymnastics team does a little something extra. We have a gymnastics school program that gives our team the opportunity to become coaches to kids around the Mount Pleasant area.


Jam Pack Your Obstacle Course!

Posted on 9/12/2018

This summer, the Tumbl Trak event schedule was jam packed!   We attended gymnastics, cheer, martial arts, special needs and fitness focused events and shows across the country, sharing education, equipment, and collaborating with industry folks.  When we’re at shows, we really enjoy getting to know all the coaches, owners and athletes who stop by to ask questions, learn about new equipment or just say, “hi” at the tradeshow hall.  


Your Brain is Like Your Smartphone! By Shari Medini

Posted on 9/9/2018

Mindset Coaching: Win in Gymnastics and Life

Gymnast Mindset is not ordinary mental training. We are a gymnastics specific, systematic program designed to help serious gymnasts succeed in and out of the gym.

Putting Fitness Activities Into Gymnastics Classes

Posted on 8/13/2018
Fitness, exercise, and fighting childhood obesity are parenting buzzwords. The media continually pounds this home. Schools are beginning to take action and parents are looking for more help. Once parents realize their children receive three of the four main fitness components namely strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility as a benefit of gymnastics, they’ll realize fitness is another key benefit for their kids continuing in gymnastics. In gymnastics we can’t offer them cardiovascular endurance, but we can offer the other three components and direct them to the local soccer club for the fourth. Here are some specific ideas on how to make fitness and athletic preparedness part of your preschool and school-age curriculum.

A Celebration to Remember!

Posted on 8/13/2018

This year’s National Congress in Providence Rhode Island will be recorded in the Tumbl Trak history books as one to remember as we celebrated our 30 year anniversary!  Those who visited our booth in the trade show hall were able to take a stroll down memory lane with us and view our company timeline that included the years we introduced iconic equipment, like the Tumbl Trak, or began partnerships with gymnastics greats like Chellsie Memmel.


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