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The First Annual Laser Beam Competition

Posted on 11/19/2020

Hey Laser Beam fans….we see you!  It’s time to start choreographing the beam routine of your dreams for the first annual Tumbl Trak Laser Beam Competition!

This competition will highlight the hard work and confidence of all level athletes performed on a Laser Beam at home or in the gym.  Low to the ground and 7” wide, you can fill this routine with your most elegant, (or sassy!) dance moves or best dynamic tumbling - let your personality shine through!


Spotless Aerial Progression

Posted on 11/19/2020

By Mandi Yip, Acrobatic Arts

Acrobatic Arts is at it again!  This quick, top-five list is one to keep handy in your curriculum planning for teaching aerials!  These safe and useful progressions will help athletes advance their aerial technique while at the same time building the athlete’s confidence and saving your shoulders! :)  No spot required!


Tumbl Trak partners with Chellsie Memmel

Posted on 10/22/2020

Tumbl Trak, a company that specializes in developing training equipment for gymnastics, cheer, dance, and martial arts, is proud to announce the signing of an athlete endorsement contract with former World Champion & Olympic Medalist, Chellsie Memmel.


Do you like birds?

Posted on 10/15/2020

Did you know that over 90% of all seabirds have plastic pieces in their stomachs!? Did you also know that the primary source of plastic waste is packaging, coming in at a whopping 54% of all plastic waste!


Cutting Edge finds an edge

Posted on 10/15/2020

When life gives you lemons, or in the case of this year we get buried in lemons, now you GET to make lemonade...and lemon cake...and lemon bars...and…… Cutting Edge Athletics in Michigan is typically busting with athletes of all types skillfully scampering, swinging, salto-ing through the air. As is the story in so many places, the gym has been eerily quiet for many months.


Rainbows, Zig-Zags, Bungees and more to brighten your day!

Posted on 9/24/2020
Like a kid at Christmas, the Tumbl Trak Team gets giddy about releasing our new products.  We’ve spent months and years developing, testing, improving, testing and more testing for each product until finally, the product is ready to unveil!  This year we’ve got a rainbow of color to brighten your day, a perfect tumbling station, a safe solution for slipping mats, and so much more.  Check out our new products below and keep a lookout for new product videos releasing soon! [More]

Meet the STARS of the Three Playing Brothers

Posted on 9/24/2020
One garage, two CrossFit focused parents and three active toddler boys.

Meet the 3 Playing Brothers whose age-defying feats evolve in each episode.  Sevan Matossian, dad, documentarian, CrossFit Media  has a humble and progressive approach to exploring movement with his 3 sons.  Oh, and he happens to use Tumbl Trak equipment...a lot.


Adapt to Survive

Posted on 8/11/2020

“An adaptation is a modification or change in the organism's body or behavior that helps it to survive.”

To say this year has taken its toll on communities worldwide is a gross understatement with each month passing creating new challenges.  Each state, county, city has worked to adopt school policies and procedures that consider the importance of health and safety measures while also meeting the needs of children, families, and teachers.


Important Industry Stimulus Webinar Documents - SFIA

Posted on 7/22/2020
The active lifestyle industry is hurting from COVID-19.   SFIA is working to help the industry with consumer-driven economic stimulus through the PHIT Act.  By Congress’s own estimates PHIT would lead to $2.5B in new spending in the active lifestyle industry.   The active population fared far better during COVID.    As Congress returns this week to consider the next relief package, we need them to include PHIT for physical and economic health.    [More]

You’ve Retired From Gymnastics… Now What?

Posted on 7/22/2020

“What am I going to do with my life now?” 

This daunting question is what most gymnasts ask themselves after they retire. When you’ve spent years dedicated to your sport, you’d think gymnasts would finally allow themselves a well-deserved break. Instead, they can usually be found planning their next step. Who can blame us? It’s that competitive athlete that lives inside all of us that's goal-oriented and driven to never stop progressing. 


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