Addie Balance Beam and Hopscotch Mat Bundle

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The Addie Balance Beam and Hopscotch Tumbling Mat is the perfect mix of fun and function at an affordable price. The Addie Beam is a great low beam options and the Hopscotch Tumbling Mat can be used in a variety of ways for rec and class kids.

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Built for Clubs

The Addie Balance Beam looks and feels like a competition beam, featuring realistic synthetic suede, a hollow wood core, and rounded top corners. This allows gymnasts to train with optimum hand and foot positioning.

  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - Designed with safety in mind, keeping your athlete a safe distance (just 5¼- inches) from the ground. In addition, each base of the Addie Balance Beam is coated in a soft rubber material to ensure it is soft enough for your athlete to step on.
  • FAST/EASY ASSEMBLY - The rubber-coated steel feet of the Addie Balance Beam only take two bolts and two washers to secure!

Tumbl Trak's™ Hopscotch Beam Mat helps young children learn basic gymnastic skills while also providing the fun of a game of hopscotch! A 4-inch white line on the reverse side of the mat teaches gymnasts balance beam and long jump skills.

The Hopscotch Beam Mat combines the fun of hopscotch with the usefulness of a long tumbling mat. On the reverse side, a white line down the center helps kids practice balance beam skills and long jumps.

  • Made of highly-durable 18-ounce vinyl and industry-standard crosslink polyethylene foam.
  • Useful in preschool classes or for higher level drills (add flair to obstacle courses or use in preschool circuits).
  • Easily transportable for use at schools, YMCA’s and other multi-use facilities.
  • Folds into 2-foot wide panels for easy storage.

Perfect for Home

The Tumbl Trak Addie Beam and Hopscotch Mat bundle is the ideal combination for aspiring beam queens. The Addie Beam is easy to assemble, stable, and stylish. The wood core and synthetic suede cover provide the ideal landing surface for any leap, turn, or jump. Let's not forget about the mutli-functional Hopscotch Beam Mat that is also included. The 12ft x 3ft x 1⅜in Tumbl Trak Hopscotch Beam Mat give your athlete ample room to practice most tumbling skills, while keeping your child safe when its placed under the beam. Fun graphics on either side of the Hopscotch Beam Mat make it a versatile, must have mat for any athlete practicing at home.

If you'd like to raise the Addie Beam another 12-inches off the floor, order the Addie Beam Leg Risers.

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