Cartwheel Beam Mat

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The Cartwheel Beam Mat, Tumbl Trak's™ beginner tumbling mat, features visual aids to help young gymnasts and cheerleaders train for a cartwheel and other skills. Perfect for any beginner rec or preschool program.

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Built for Clubs

Tumbl Trak's™ colorful Cartwheel Beam Mats include visual hand/foot cartwheel guides on one side and a white practice beam stripe on the other.

  • Printed hand/foot guides for teaching both left and right cartwheels.
  • 4-inch white line provides a visual for straight tumbling, leaps, jumps and turns.
  • Crafted to Tumbl Trak's™ demanding standards, with a rugged 18-ounce vinyl cover and filled with medium density, 5/8-inch foam.
  • Purchase the four-pack of Cartwheel Beam Mats to set up fun and colorful stations for athletes.

Perfect for Home

The Cartwheel Beam Mat is an ideal first mat for young beginners inspired to learn a cartwheel! This simple vinyl mat has hand and feet graphics to help the athlete understand the skill. Flip the mat over for some balance beam practice on the 4 inch white line. The Cartwheel Mat is crafted to Tumbl Trak's™ demanding standards.

  • Rugged 18-ounce vinyl cover
  • Filled with medium density, 5/8'' foam
  • hand and foot prints allow for both left and right-handed cartwheels

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  • 2ft wide x 6ft long x 5/8in thick
  • Covered in 18 oz. knife coated vinyl
  • 4in Beam Stripe on one side
  • Hand and foot placements on the opposite side
  • Weighs 6 lbs.

All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

What age is the Cartwheel Beam Mat appropriate for?

The Cartwheel Beam Mat is meant for young gymnasts around 5 - 10 years of age.

Is the Cartwheel Beam Mat a good tumbling mat for home use?

Yes! The Cartwheel Beam Mat is a perfect gym mat for kids practicing their tumbling skills at home.

Is the Cartwheel Beam Mat foldable?

No. The mat does arrive folded in the box, but once laid flat is will not stay folded.

Can the Cartwheel Beam Mat teach more than Cartwheels?

Yes! One side has the hands and feet placement markings to help kids learn cartwheels, while the other side has a white beam line for practicing beam skills.


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