Soft Topper Denim Mats

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The 4-inch Soft Topper Denim mat is designed to protect the athlete from the sting of landing on hands or feet. This mat is easy to add to drills where the athlete needs a little extra boost of confidence.

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MSRP: $329.99 - $509.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $296.99
Was  Starting at  $329.99
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Built for Club

This soft denim topper mat gives athletes extra confidence in learning new skills. Think of it as an investment in smart training. It is a 3-ft wide x 4-in thick denim covered mat that can be used in multiple areas around the gym or as a topper mat to the Smart Spotting Block System. Available in two lengths- 4ft and 8 ft. It includes Velcro on the bottom to keep the Soft Topper Denim Mat in place.

This 4-ft. mat is can easily be used around the gym.  For example, it is ideal for preschool landing stations and anywhere a soft, durable mat is useful. The 8-ft version of the Soft Topper Denim Mat is more than a body length of soft landing surface. Some skills require the athlete to land on their full front, or back from various speeds and heights. The Soft Topper Denim Mat cushions those skills and drills allowing the athlete to go-for-it with full confidence!

Athletes will appreciate landing on the soft surface when performing bar release drills.The durable, denim cover has a 4-inch white line down the middle that is ideal for landing new beam skills or dismounts on the compatible Smart Spotting Block System. Lightweight and easy to move from one station to the next, this mat is one that athletes will look forward to landing safely on. 

Perfect for Home

The Soft Topper Denim Mat is a great mat to add to any home training station where a soft landing is desired.  Throw it on top of your tumbling mat for a softer landing.  Or, use it under your home training bar to add a little extra cusion in the event of a fall.

  • Size: 3 foot wide x 4 inches thick and either 4 or 8 feet long
  • PU foam, velcro on bottom which attaches to the top of the Smart Spotting Blocks
  • 4 inch white line down the middle
  • Hook velcro on bottom corners
  • Vacuum packed when shipped

Why would I buy the 8-ft mat vs. two 4-ft mats?

The Smart Spotting Blocks are 8-ft long and if you want to cover the entire surface with the soft topper mat, you'd need either one 8ft long Soft Topper or two 4-ft long Soft Topper.  There are pros and cons to both.  Having two separate mats gives you options and flexibility to use them in other areas around the gym.  However, although both options attach to the Smart Spotting Blocks with strategically placed Velcro, the 8-foot version is a seamless mat option.


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