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Build confidence with our strong, stable home kip bar

Give your young gymnast confidence
Parents know that nothing ruins a young gymnast's confidence like a cheaply-built bar that wobbles and lifts off the floor. We've built our rock-solid Gymnastics Home Kip Bar with a strong, sturdy base made of high-gauge steel. Our bar stays firmly on the floor, making your gymnast feel confident as they learn beginner routines.

Need a bar for more advanced gymnasts? Consider our Jr. Bar PRO.

Choose a bar that puts safety first
Nothing's more important to us than your kid's well-being. We've created our kip bars with their safety in mind - eliminating hard corners, covering bolts in protective caps, and designing special spring-loaded pin knobs that lock firmly in place once you've set the bar's desired height. This adds up to a bar that's easily adjustable yet safe and secure.

Feel the strength of solid beech - one of the strongest hardwoods on Earth
The centerpiece of our kip bars is a 1.5 inch diameter cut of solid beech. It's the same size and feel as a competition bar that costs many times the price. Beech is one of the strongest hardwoods, with a bending strength of over 14,900 pounds per square inch. (By comparison, that elm in your backyard has a bending strength of only 11,800 psi!) Beech's incredible strength makes for a firm, unyielding bar that your gymnast will trust as they learn increasingly complex skills.

Watch out for competing bars that claim higher weight limits - as long as your gymnast isn't actually doing gymnastics on them
All of our kip bars have a weight limit of 125 pounds. We've seen competing bars claiming weight limits of 200 or even 300 pounds. Here's the difference: our weight limit is a true working load. It's based on the load generated by a gymnast that's swinging, circling, and kipping - in other words, actually using the bar as intended.

By contrast, many of our competitors measure their weight limit using static load - in other words, when the gymnast is only hanging from the bar and not moving or doing any routines! We don't think that's an honest measurement, and that's why we insist on using an accurate weight limit even if it makes us look lower in an “apples to oranges” comparison.

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The Tumbl Trak Home Kip Bar has been redesigned and improved from its previous version, the Jr. Kip Bar. Its small, 4 foot x 6 foot footprint and clever construction makes it compatible with a standard folding tumbling mat and does not require additional extensions to further stabilize the frame.

  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: Rounded corners on the bar, sturdy center cross support
  • SAFETY: Plastic caps cover the bolts on the floor
  • Steel construction with a smooth powder-coated finish will keep your bar looking like new and functional for years.
  • A 1-1/2in solid wood bar is tough enough to withstand the most rigorous training while providing a gym-like feel
  • SIMPLE SET-UP/ADJUSTMENT - Designed to be very easy to move up and down. The bar adjusts from 38in - 58in high with our specially designed spring pin knobs.
  • MODERATELY EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Setup and tear down in a matter of minutes

Need more help deciding which bar to invest in?  Watch this useful Buying Guide Video.

  • Weight limit: 125 lbs This is a ''working'' load which is representative of how your athlete will use it (swinging, circling, hanging, kipping). Be wary of competitors who list a high weight limit that is indicative of static load (hanging only) and not working load.
  • 1.5 in diameter Beech wood bar
  • Height is adjustable from 38 to 58 inches
  • Frame size: 4-ft wide x 6-ft long
The Home Kip Bar ships in one box. All materials meet CPSIA standards.
Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Download the Gymnastics Home Kip Bar Assembly Instructions here.

What size matting do you recommend with the Home Kip Bar?

The mat needs to be 4 feet wide. We have several mats to choose from: our 4' x 6' x 6" Home Practice Mat, the 4' x 8' x 4" Practice Mat, or the 4' x 8' x 1-3/8" Tumbling mat used with the 3' x 6' x 4" Jr Practice mat.

What ceiling height do you recommend?

We recommend 10-foot ceilings for the highest level but if you have lower ceilings you can set the bar lower and it will still be usable.

Can the bar be put outside if ceilings aren't high enough?

Our gymnastics bars are not designed to be used outside. Since it is made of metal and wood, leaving it outside would quickly damage the pieces of the bar. With that said, you could use it outside as long as you moved it back inside after you were done using it.

How do I clean the wood bar?

We recommend lightly scrubbing the bar with a wire brush to remove any visible buildup of chalk or dirt then wipe with mineral oil on a microfiber cloth to clean the bar.

Can I buy replacement parts for my bar?

Yes, you can purchase replacement knobs and the whole bar assembly unit here.

What is the difference between the Home Kip Bar and the Jr. Bar Pro?

This useful Buying Guide Video will help walk you through all the differences between the two bars to help you with your decision.


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