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Step up to the World's Best Tumbling Mats

Millions of strong, solid foam cells
Durable and shock absorbent
Thin mesh with lots of empty gaps
Doesn't provide proper cushioning

Insist on genuine crosslink foam
Looking at our foam under a microscope you'll see millions of tiny air-filled cells with strong, resilient walls. These cells give a perfect cushion and then bounce back into shape time after time. That's why our gymnastic tumbling mats are known for their comfort and reliability.

Don't be fooled by cheap vinyl
Many of our competitors cut corners, using low-end 14 or 18 oz. vinyl that's likely to wear down, peel or rip. Our heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl is knife-coated so it'll last for years. If it's not knife-coated, you're not buying the best.

Say "no" to toxic lead and BPAs
Your kids' health comes first. We never use these toxic materials in our mats. Our gymnastic tumbling mats have passed all testing requirements of the US Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act.

Choose the mats designed by coaches
Tumbl Trak equipment is designed by gymnastic and cheerleading coaches right here in the USA. We're confident you'll notice the difference in the quality of our mats, and we back that up with a 24 month warranty.

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Starting at  $249.99
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Built for Clubs and Schools

Tumbl Trak™ Tumbling Mats are a staple product used in gymnastic clubs and schools everywhere.  They are high-quality as well as easy to fold and stack, especially for programs that may need to transport them in and out of storage or from program to program.

  • Made with durable 18-ounce vinyl as well as industry-standard crosslink polyethylene foam.
  • Folds into easy-to-manage sections for storage (each mat offers 2-foot wide folding panels).
  • Includes Velcro on two ends, so additional mats can be added together.
  • Available in six sizes: 4-foot x 6-foot, 4-foot x 8-foot and 5-foot x 10-foot in either 1-⅜-inch or 2-inch thickness
  • Available in a variety of color options. See the Martial Arts Mat for 4-sided black tumbling mats.

Perfect for Home

The Tumbling Mat is considered a first step item for your home gym! It provides a great layer of safety on its own or under a beam, bar or landing mat! Conveniently foldable, you'll find as many uses for the mat as a block as it is stretched out. From beginner skills to more advanced, and don't forget family fitness as well! You'll roll, flip, leap and tumble with confidence on the just right density foam and high quality vinyl.

Tumbl Trak Gymnastic Tumbling Mats are constructed with sturdy stitching and Velcro on the ends for connecting more than one mat together.

Still can't decide which mat to buy? Watch this helpful Tumbling Mat Buying Guide video.

  • 4 x 6 foot gymnastic mats available in 1-⅜ and 2 inch thicknesses
  • 4 x 8 foot gymnastic mats available in 1-⅜ and 2 inch thicknesses
  • 5 x 10 foot gymnastic mats available in 1-⅜ and 2 inch thicknesses
  • 18 oz knife coated vinyl
  • High quality Crosslink foam
  • 2-foot folding panels
  • Latex free
  • Velcro flaps on each end to connect mats end-to-end to create longer mats
  • Designed in the USA. Made in China. All materials meet CPSIA requirements.

PARENTS: Our gymnastic tumbling mats are also called Panel Mats because they fold into 2-foot wide panels. The mats are firm to help your kids practice surefooted tumbling. They are not appropriate for cushioning falls or landings.  We offer a complete line of soft, thick landing mats for such use.

Is there more to 'vinyl coverings' than just the weight of the material?

Yes, there are many different types of vinyl coverings even within the same weight class. As you are shopping around, you may notice that many competitors say they use an 18 oz. vinyl material. But what type of 18 oz. vinyl are they using? Some of our competitors use less durable types of vinyl such as laminated vinyl which has a low peeling and tearing strength. At Tumbl Trak we don't cut corners. We only use the best materials for our mats. Our vinyl is 18 oz. knife-coated with a reinforced woven base fabric to offer the maximum tearing strength, wearing strength and peeling strength -- the way professional gymnastics mats should be made.

How will the foam in my mat hold up?

Foam within a gymnastics mat is one of the most integral pieces of its construction. If the foam is too hard it may not make for a safe landing. If the foam is too soft, it may not provide enough support and the athlete could hit a hard surface underneath. We take this into mind when producing our tumbling gymnastics mats and use only the highest quality construction. The foam inside is a crosslink foam that provides the optimal amount of support when in use. Not only does the foam offer the proper cushion, but it will also last much longer than many other types of foam commonly used in tumbling mats, ensuring your mat will stay functional for years to come.

What age are Tumbl Trak's tumbling mats appropriate for?

Our tumbling panel mats are perfect for gymnasts from young children to adults.

Are Tumbl Trak's tumbling mats good mats for home use?

Yes! Our tumbling mats are perfect tumbling mats for kids practicing their gymnastics skills at home. Parents will love how the mats easily fold up for storage and can be easily cleaned. Children will love the bright, fun colors.

How do you know which mat thickness to go with?

If you are using our Tumbling Mats in the home, we suggest purchasing 2-in thickness for hardwood flooring, and 1-3/8-inch thickness for carpeted flooring. 

Are Tumbl Trak's tumbling mats BPA and lead free?

Yes, our mats are BPA and lead free. They have passed all testing requirements enacted by the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

How do I clean my tumbling mat?

Simple soap and water will clean your tumbling mat. Do not use bleach or bleach based product.

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