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As of April 3, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.
As of April 3, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.

Tumbl Talk

What in the World?

Posted on 3/26/2020

The past few mornings I’ve woken up and in that moment of awakening I experience 3 seconds of forgetting about the chaos in the world.  Maybe you’ve had the same feeling.

As the day unfolds I find myself thinking, obsessing, worrying

This. Is. Hard.

The Tumbl Trak Team has been hard at work, focusing on what we do best - provide safe, high quality equipment and education to athletes and coaches, which suddenly feels like it’s NOT ENOUGH.  What else can we do? Is it possible to help an entire country care for athletes who find themselves at home, missing friends, missing their coaches, feeling unsettled and unsure?

How can we do our part to help?  We found 3 ways:

  1. HOMENASTICS….FREE.  We understand that kids are home needing structure, and exercise!  We have released 3 digital downloadable videos to anyone who wants them.  These videos are full of fun, safe activities for kids to do at home using a Tumbling Mat, Jr Bar or Barrel, (or modify using items you have at home).  Find a link HERE.

  2. HOMENASTICS LIVE….FREE.  Every day, you and your athlete will find Coach Tony Clarno from Ninja Monkey Gym leading a super fun, engaging workout for you to follow along with at home.  Find the whole series on our Facebook page, and YouTube page! Share with your gym friends and stay in shape!

  3. HOME10:  Use this promo code for a 10% discount on many popular home use products. Use the Homenastics videos to design a great workout at home, or check in with your coaches for some tips for keeping up with your skills!

We are not alone in wanting to help athletes feel safe during these unprecedented times.   Coaches, Gym Programs, Teams have rallied outstanding efforts to make the best home movement education available to families.  We are proud to be a part of these efforts.

Be safe and take good care of each other!