5'x5' Throw Mat

Warranty: 24 months

The 5'x5' Throw Mat can be used alone or in combination with the Smart Spotting Block System, when training low bar to high bar releases between the uneven bar rails.

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Built for Clubs

This handy 5'x5'x8" Throw Mat, also called a waffle mat, can be used with the Smart Spotting Block System or all on its own.  This Throw Mat is made with soft foam and is the perfect size for a coach to "throw" under an athlete for a variety of skills.  Convenient handles on the side make it easy for a coach to grab the mat from any side. Although most Tumbl Trak mats have lots of velcro, we kept this one "velcro-free" to ensure it slides in and out quickly and smoothly.

  • 5-feet x 5-feet x 8-inches
  • Weighs 43 lbs.
  • Made with durable 18 oz. knife coated vinyl and a soft foam.

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